“Bexy ~ who wears many hats!!! 

freeI’m kind, compassionate, loving and all that other happy shit and especially so whilst carrying out my responseabilities !  However, I actually love my own company and to live quietly in peace with nature, washing dishes and listening to music.  Basically, on one hand I can be an extrovert to obtain the elusive {{{giggle}}} or the opposite as a ~ ~ ~ nebulous ~ ~ ~ nature lover.  Maybe a personification of yin / yang, but never ready to do the grey “Normal”!

An attempter at an ethical veggie life without silly labels and putting others off being compassionate and ethical in their ways on their journey.  I’m so not into purity and those exclusive club things that drives people away from little changes to help the world towards:  Compassion, Peace and generally being kind to all sentient beings.  An embracer for change, an explorer of ~ dance ~ and an encourager of everyone to reduce suffering in every situation including their own.  So there we have it, top on my priorities is KINDNESS (not only to others, but also unto myself) and to be helpful, whilst keeping safe with a clear pragmatic head on my shoulders!

Too short an introduction and want details, then read on:

Serious Warning:  Cure for insomnia

Currently:  I don’t earn much money being self employed, but get to sleep with my boss.  Thankfully my hubby earns enough to pay the household bills.  I volunteer for a humanitarian organisation and other ethical causes.  Oh please note: This is NOT a professional blog that makes me dosh (money isn’t everything).

readAcademically:  My last academic venture was to gain an MSc (a masters degree in environmental conservation and management) Hat  I truly earnt BSc. (Hons) MSc. at the end of my name.  I’ve been known to do an entertaining, informative presentation if inspired, yet on the other hand I do enjoy staying schtum occasionally to really listen.  Oh and I gained a few degree modules for under my belt in Monafine art, public sculpture, medical science and humanities mostly for their intrinsic value.  JPrior to this academic route I learnt so much from my wonderful children and hope I never stop learning new things (that’s how life is, to learn and grow).  Oh, but as for school as a child:  FFS it was all about Staying Alive!!!

Historically:  I’m “of an age” with valuable experience and wisdom. My life has never seemed “normal“, but let’s maybe start from when I was a teen shall we:  I worked for a while in a shoe factory as a Skiver (and honestly it is actually a job title).  You could find me looking gormless in a timeless mechanical state in front of a grinder, but since then I’ve sewn tarps, cleaned offices, served at busy tables, ran up and down lots of steps, busked, sold door to door, temped, made soap in a factory…   In other words I’ve lived a bloody varied working life!  I’ve also lived it in a wide range of places and buildings; from terrace housing with no bathroom to grand places with many rooms (and always theirs a big bluebottle fly in the window desperate to get out).  There’s been village life and town, but not much city and a few times in the remotest of locations.  Once or thrice the humble, isolated nature filled wonderful places, including a croft with a tin roof in Orkney I have called home.  I’m “mum” to some wonderful adults.  Together we got through some weird and unusual times.  I’ve done some stay-at-home and some go-out-to-work.  So possibly I know a little bit about both sides of the Where’s the bloody instructions!!!” parenting coin, but not much.  I even did a little bit of home education for one of my beloveds.  Only now some of them lovely wonderful talented kids Love have their own kids, that even when they don’t perceive it: I love all of them Love

Hold onto your hat, here’s some stuff I enjoy:
It’s not all about dancing, I garden my most happiest in seclusion and with nature.  I look to use permaculture layering, biochar beds, a shit load of conscientious neglect and baskets to keep delicate edibles out of the reach of the dreaded ninja slugs!  So far, nature has provided some of the greatest of my pleasures, enlightenment and achievements.  Hence I’m so fascinated with flora under the microscope and at the other end of the scale I also bask in a bit of star gazing.  I do a spot of photography, some cartography, go bare foot on moss, swim ~~~sometimes in the sea~~~ and enjoy the simple pleasures of stacking peebles or beach combing…  Did I mention I love to dance… and chalk pavements, play the bodhrán and occasionally air drumming to an ipod on the train.  I enjoy playing badminton, but be aware I really do laugh out loud and encourage both sides of the net (I don’t have an ounce of competitiveness in sport).  In summer I’ve fond thoughts around eating a veggie picnic and drinking homemade smoothies on a pony trek.  I also love to arrange things picked from the garden, from flouncy flowers in a bowl to ikebana (only watch out when I cook it!)  DIY skills provide a laugh, as does finding ways to clean without chemicals.  I have an overlocker to upcycle clothes and sew up holes.  I’ve done a bit of peg loom weaving, knitting…  Oh, but I’m not so good at Upwords. Up I draw, paint in oils and other mix media art…  I’ve tried a bit of paper making, papier-mâché, decoupage and lots of other really messy crafts.  The fact is I’m not very good at being a minimalist, so this sweet home sometimes has a penchant for more than a bit o’ clutter (and being a bit eccentric, I actually don’t mind).  Blogging eclectic stuff has a sort of intrinsic value per se and I enjoy reading some other people’s blogs too, so “Thank you other bloggers, keep up the good work when you can.  Lastly, when I need to put myself to sleep, I play pacman and sip a glass of ginger wine

Summary:  I try all sorts of kind, happy, creative. ethical and sometimes weird things, fulfilling the tongue in cheek request to Get a life!” and well, I think that just about covers it.  I try to accommodate and respect other peoples harmless choices as best I can.  I don’t believe I need to be popular, but I do like to get to know who I am myself as a person and live with that.  As Byron Katie puts it ‘It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine’ and I like me well enough, plus the cat reckons I’m purrrrfect  =o..o= (the cat’s an idiot).  Only a note to remember:  I have Nordic genes apparently.  Therefore, please try not to bring out the pissed off Viking in me by being cruel, so PLEASE DO NOT open my can of angry: “WTF is wrong with you?!!!” as believe me I can do scary  🙂


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