Come on in, take off yer boots and enjoy a NON PROFESSIONAL BLOG of little random snippets, intended as:  An enjoyable read from a journey along a rocky road to a kinder life; some helpful shares and practical stuff; a few giggles here and there; with the occasionally info of an event that supports the goals of kindness and helpfulness.

Categories:  Are also a bit eclectic with Dance,  MonaArt, LoveCompassion, Gardening, Study booksPoetry, Practical, SmileJoy, Veggie, Talk like a pirateEvents…  As I developed my blogging, I learnt about Categories and Tags more, therefore the older posts might have fewer labels on them.

Links:  You probably already know, but if you see a line under words in a blog, click on those words and you’ll get to a link (songs, images…) that will appear as another open tab [                ]

Disclaimer:  I’d like to think that sharing my thoughts and random shite in blogs could, maybe, possibly, promote living in harmony with other sentient beings (I wish).  Some posts encourage the creation of happy, Loveloving, healthy and House safe homes, perhaps, possibly, maybe?  Yet because I’m not so bloody domesticated, I accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered from relying on information, views and opinions expressed (sprinkled with the rare expletive).  Please just glean and adapt things to your own situation, to live and love within interconnectedness and compassion (even and especially compassion also unto your own sweet complicated self).

Please be assured, none of the posts will hold any personal information about you or the clients from the various situations that I work or colleagues from the places I volunteer or people I know, friends or family… as they will all be pretty much anon.  However I intend to share and blab on the freakin cats!

wpAdverts:  You’ll find wordpress sponsors have put all sorts of stuff on here and I have no say over their content.  I love that I haven’t got to remember to pay money out to play at blogging, so Thank you wordpress for this blogging freebie.

Comments:  Oh wow I love positive connections, so please feel free to comment kindly in the little boxes that appear at the end of each post.  Thank you and welcome



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