Cauliflower’s Calendar

Cauliflowers Calender.jpg

Totally enjoyed putting all these annual things down and putting a humorous label on it.

p.s. Stop the spelling mistake on the image.


Super Moon

Get your camera ready beloveds, for Sunday night there’s a huge supermoon!  The moon will look larger, probably scare the beegeebus out of some (I’ve been there in the past when living in Orkney), but it is a natural phenomenon (don’t stop the car and do a Chickenlicken “The sky is falling”  like I did that time when I saw my first ever huge supermoon on the horizon).  It occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth on it’s cycle by around 30,000 miles.  I wonder how it will effect me this year?  Anyways, this supermoon is when the moon is in Perigee phase close to us.  When the moon is furthest away from the Earth it is in it’s Apogee phase.  Enjoy and take perhaps some photos from where you live.


Network tidal wave phenomenon

Does anyone actually believe that when dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripple will be just as strong onto the banks as it was in the centre?  Surely it dissipates and most words do the same, but what about online?

TalkersDo some words online seem to grow like tidal waves that crash into our many innocent online minds?  Without ethics towards others and our environment, Our footprintwhat I will phrase the network tidal wave phenomenon could be being used at this very moment as a weapon to manipulate us.  Bexy for one, does not intend to be driven by the profit-driven few and the megalomaniacs.

My advise is to interconnect with reality as much as possible on a regular.  It’s like putting up levys against any network tidal wave phenomenon.  Don’t you think our realities need to be ready, so we really can LOL!  smileFor the online world is just (‘insubstantial and disconnected glamour’ Borgmann) compared to kneading dough and baking bread, planting an acorn in a pot, washing up whilst looking out at the clouds in the sky, taking a walk just to listen to bird song, smiling for no apparent reason… and the list of positive things to do in life goes on…

Note:  Sorry, but for the life of me, I just cannot remember where I read the Borgmann quote.

What if…

BathroomThe grace of reality is so much better than the fears from [What if… ] and I do prefer “whadever” < drag that word out a little and sound all just~turned~a~teenager.  Oh wait, be prepared if you use teenage words, for all the other things that come with being a teen might follow including spots!!!   Oh for me: never again thankfully.

I have been pondering through the various paint ideas for our bathroom.  Creatively considering light from yonder window, the shower curtain colour, about the steam (it will need to be wipeable surface paint), the things in the room already…  but most of all reusing the paint I have.  So today I will be a kid play at mud pies and mix some bits of odd paints I already have (without mixing two different types and making deadly fumes) to create a background colour.  For I already have been creating frames in turquoise sprinkled with pink and purple (using old nail varnishes).  Oh I do love being creative, don’t you?

It’s a state of kind

A state of kind

“Shhh!” world and all that SHOULD be stuff,

KeyCOULD is a better word and it’s a state of kind,

When you stay in your own business and compassionate mind.

Why chalk?

I chose a chalkboard on wordpress to doodle my blogs on, because it is less professional (as am I at blogging), less permanent looking and more life like (ephemeral, life is ephemeral), plus I do like to use chalk in the real world.  So this is today’s image I doodled myself:

Chalk board this is meI leave the professional looking blogs to those that believe in the virtual world, as I wish to live out here more in the sod growing and only plant a few virtuals here.

Sod:   Soil, earth, mud…  and of course a swear word that currently hasn’t really got a meaning anymore, but is used as a general expletive e.g. “Sod this squeaky wheelbarrow!”


Secret prop

World earthI love that I eventually worked out how something is done and what obvious traditional prop is involved etc…  It has taken me hours, but that now I know, I couldn’t possibly tell anyone, because I want to use the same prop and do the same thing to amaze an audience and make them go “Ooooo”.  The world is a stage and all those in the cast and the audience are in need of peaceful, natural and happy things.


Upcycle old mags

So a lot of old magazines did not sell in the charity shop.  So I went through them to check and a lot were the same size and I started thinking…

Upcycle old mags.jpg

It ends up with some unfinished upcycling sitting there for another day, and I’m cool with that.


question markMaybe I’m a poet


You know the type of moment,

The one that says “I see”,

It’s the time you get it in your head,

question mark..Of what your niche might be.


I’ve had one of those moments,

Looking at a piece of art,

question mark.,Inspired to write a poem,

From imagination and the heart.




Maybe a poet


Social media

Just a very few words:  Give up social media if you know what’s good for you, for others and for the planet.  How about a few little hashtags too:


You know it makes sense not to be on that all day.