DIY Traditions

Do I have to follow traditions? No I thankfully don’t.  Any one of us can pick out ones that make sense or make some new ones of our own.  Personally I can see the logic to have the tradition of using up the contents of the larder over the winter and restocking it during harvest.  Yet not being a sheep I find it increasingly difficult to follow the crowd and get excited at the prospect of eating the body of a violent death whilst pulling a cracker.  Anyways, my son a few years ago, created a lovely new tradition:

Baked Beans on Toast Day ~ 25th December.  beans



Need to know?

Vegan pre ordered mealI enjoyed the company of my colleagues last night, I danced happy and participated vigorously.  Only how can I resolve the food issue?  I refer you to my other blog and the post called:  Held out hope again, oops!  Do I name the establishment?  I can’t remember if I named the other one of the previous years.  They must know by now that they lost a whole groups valuable annual booking…

Who cares?  Who needs to know?  What next?

Cauliflower’s Calendar

Cauliflowers Calender.jpg

Totally enjoyed putting all these annual things down and putting a humorous label on it.

p.s. Stop the spelling mistake on the image.

Super Moon

Get your camera ready beloveds, for Sunday night there’s a huge supermoon!  The moon will look larger, probably scare the beegeebus out of some (I’ve been there in the past when living in Orkney), but it is a natural phenomenon (don’t stop the car and do a Chickenlicken “The sky is falling”  like I did that time when I saw my first ever huge supermoon on the horizon).  It occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth on it’s cycle by around 30,000 miles.  I wonder how it will effect me this year?  Anyways, this supermoon is when the moon is in Perigee phase close to us.  When the moon is furthest away from the Earth it is in it’s Apogee phase.  Enjoy and take perhaps some photos from where you live.


Happy World Kindness Day

Kindness:  To be helpful towards others in need, to be considerate towards others and compassionate towards oneself…

Today’s the day to celebrate kindness and to be kind, woohoo!World Kindness Day

P.S.  A poem created this Monday morning for hubby who gets into work so early, and will be turning on a computer to see what tasks have been set:Poly Kindness


Happy “……………..”

Greetings of Happy for this beautiful time of year.  I have been busy being myself and enjoying playing at being other creatures also (I love a bit of dressing up I do).  More than a couple of celebrations attended, where I enjoyed dancing to an audience on stage, being silly at parties and last night offering vegan sweets to the local door knockers (where I seem to have scared one adult attendee at my door “Mwahahahaaaar!”).  I loved that the family had a book of jokes and had the children ready to read one or two for those welcoming them at the doors (almost like carol singers for autumn).

As for thinking of those that have left this mortal coil, I often do that in my day to day life.  Little reminders of their ways, their loving interactions and how they would be if still with us in the flesh.  Maybe call it Halloween or Samhain or All Saints Day…, but whatever you celebrate I wish you  Happy.

Oops someone made a boob:  Sorry to say that I had to make a scene at the local Body Shop Carmarthen yesterday (I know, who would of thought I would have to do that there?).  You see the staff had took it on themselves to leave out open bowls of gelatine sweets in several places at child level.  At first I gasped and said quietly to the assistant next to me that I wasn’t happy about seeing meat products in the Body Shop.  Her reaction was something like “Sorry to have offended you”.  I was with someone and was helping them decide on some products so at first that was a priority.  Once a moment came, I then explained to the assistants why it wasn’t the place for such things, as the Body Shop was based on being a true ethical against animal cruelty shop.  I then asked nicely if they would put them away.  One of the assistants said they would put them behind the counter and buy some vegan sweets to offer children as a choice.  I’m not one to believe on face value someone’s word, so after we left the shop and had done something in another shop, we went back to check and guess what:  The gelatine sweets were still in place all over the shop!  So of course I stand right in the middle near the counter of the Body Shop saying in a really, really loud voice:  “IF YOU DON’T REMOVE THESE GELATINE SWEETS NOW, I WILL PLACE A PIGS TROTTER ON THE COUNTER, AS THOSE SWEETS ARE MADE OF THE SAME THING AND THAT IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE BODY SHOP ETHICS!”  and you know something, I’m not sure how… ? anyways, I’m not shopping in the Body Shop again (that’s the least I can do).

~How are you

Lost in the sofa

How easy to make money is,

When a treasury is what you own,

But wait, make old become out of date,

Then sit back and laugh upon your throne!


For ordinary folk:  Spend that old £1 coin,

Or donate it ASAP,

As just after the end of this month,

In shops, it’s as worthless as can be!


lost in the sofa

Note:  Apparently, after the 15th October 2017, businesses can refuse to accept the old UK round one colour £1 coins.




Hurry canes

YesnabyI’ve not experienced a hurricane, only I have lived under a tin roof through some very serious strong winds in Orkney.  I’ve heard the wind pulling at it and the rain smashing down on the tin roof sounding like canes; and although the walls were 4 foot thick and made of stone, at times my nerves was paper thin.  So yes, I really do feel for those that live through such times.  When the elements dance with hobnail boots on manmade things and slash through our creations as if nettle bashing.  Where our nerves have no choice, but to feel paper thin!

Hurry Canes (Haiku)

You mean me no harm,

Yet beat the crap out of stuff,

Hurry canes please pass!


Social media

Just a very few words:  Give up social media if you know what’s good for you, for others and for the planet.  How about a few little hashtags too:


You know it makes sense not to be on that all day.