One so far

Red oneI have planted many garden tomatoes called Outdoor Girl into bales, pots, straight into the ground.  Yet the very first red tomato so far, is from an up~side~down patio tomato growing in the lean~to.  In Japan it is lovely custom and gesture, to give the first of the fruits or veg to someone important in your life (usually a boss).  I’m leaving it for hubby to pick and enjoy, this will give me the giving joy.  Love

Sorry to anyone reading this who is colour blind, as the image is mostly green with one being red.


Lots of sunshine kisses!!

So it all started as cuttings from a yellow raspberry growing in the garden, then more from them, then some more and now I’m picking so many yellow raspberries! You see, the birds think they are not ripe and leave them for me (cannot be said for the strawberries though).

Anyways, I’ve made some “Golden Sunshine Kisses in a Jar”.  The simple recipe:  I boiled them, let the juice cool a little and then drip through a kilner cloth, added sugar and Pure marg, boiled it all up again and bottled it.  The consistency is a sort of gelatinous syrup, with a margarine top to help it to keep better.

kissesWhy call it “Golden Sunshine Kisses in a Jar”?  Well because so many times my hubby asks “What is it dear?” at meal times and I mentioned this to a friend who suggested I create some really interesting names for my creations.  So there we have it:



I have been bringing on quinoa seed in pots in my bedroom window.  Many write that I needed to plant the seeds straight out into the ground, but we have slugs and snails here a plenty and fully grown up men sons… (puppy dog tale).

Apparently the flowers will look lovely and I intend to plant them in a group, not a row.  I’m already thinking of the harvest of the little gems, the seed, which is a source of a complete protein, unlike a lot of other veggie foods I eat.

Anyways, I have to be patient (something I am good at) and wait till the leaves fall, when my thumb nail sees it’s harder to indent the seed and perhaps the birds are getting interested.  These are the things I get excited about, looking at the potential of handsome green healthy plants with a promise growing in my window, with the gentle thoughts of

we will see, this way or that, we will indeed see…


Outside memory stick

Let’s face it, I use this blog not so much to share with the world and all who sail on her as you would think, but there’s a little bit more of this being used as an outside memory stick.  To put things down (was just about to type “on paper”) so to speak.  You see, not only might I bump my noggin one day in the garden weeding or when prancing about belly dancing in the lounge laughing, but maybe being my outspoken self {{{giggles}}} when some (we won’t use expletives so early in the morning) might take it on themselves to bash me on the noggin believing their stressful thoughts about me or because of their own unmet needs as they might feel obliged to be a violent (and again we won’t use expletives so early in the morning) and to be honest I bloody well pity the buggers.  

So maybe this blog is a bit like for future reference, saving my ideas… oh geez, I was so close to using that four letter swear word @?!#!~ BANK ~@?!#!  

Oh wait:  “Why share?”  Well let’s face it not many are reading this, but still:  The World needs random kindness words, vegan recipes, peaceful thoughts shared etc and the like… regardless!  For the most part this is semi anonymous and is semi log book, semi how~to that you can pick up or put down at leisure.  Will anyone read it?  I just did (as I wrote it).  It was okay, I liked what I typed and who I am to judge thoughts that are like flying insects that land where they will.  I do however work at being kind, not only to others, but also to myself and I recommend that to anyone as a good life to practice, practice, practice that kindness and compassion.  We can all get angry, upset seeing the unkind and the uncompassionate, but we might be them if we don’t question our thoughts.

Basically, don’t just “Get a life” but “Get into being a kind life and live out that adventure, practising kindness to the very end!”

a kind life.


The French translation bit:

Une = A

Vie = Life

Compatissante = Compassionate

Ethiopian Bread

Today I made some Injera (a traditional Ethiopian flat bread) and we ate some with mushrooms in coconut sauce and fried onions.  It was absolutely yum!  The bread is made using teff flour.  I bought the tiny teff seeds from Holland & Barrett and it was so mega cheap, as the “Best before date” will be gone soon.  It has a source of protein and fibre and all sorts of good stuff, apparently, but I like it for the taste.  Anyway, the recipe sounds a bit of bother and apparently it sort of supposed to take quite a few days, so of course I messed with that recipe a bit and this is sort of it:

Grind seeds to make flour    ~   Add a pinch of yeast   ~  Water   ~   Mix   ~   Put it in the fridge   ~   Leave it over night   ~   Pour off the watery stuff   ~   Add some seasoning and plain flour, oh and some caraway seeds and a bit more water   ~   Put back in the fridge for a few hours   ~   Pour off the excess liquid   ~ Stir   ~   Put a non-stick pan on the heat   ~  When hot add a quick pancake layer of the batter   ~   When you see some of the bread partly cooked on top put on a lid and every now and then wipe the steam off of the inside of the lid, then take the lid off for the last little bit of cooking   ~   Let them dry separately on a clean tea towel and serve…

p.s.  I forgot to mention that it looks like a big pancake, sort texture of a crumpet with bubble holes.



If you didn’t already know:  Concombre is French for cucumber. 

cuSo now for a sort of super, super quick recipe for hot food using concombre:

Ingredients:  1/2 cucumber, a dash of nice veggie oil, some button mushrooms, dry noodles, a green OXO and clean water (something a lot of us very often take for granted).

Equipment:  Smallish saucepan, something to boil the water in, something to stir, a grater and a hungry tummy.

How:  Well, firstly into a smallish saucepan add a dash of nice veggie oil and fry some clean, but not wet button size mushrooms and while they’re doing their thing, put the kettle on (or something to boil water), grate half a concombre (put to one side) and when you hear a sort of squeaking sound when you stir the mushrooms and they have a nice golden tan to them, pour the grated concombre into the little saucepan and stir.  Then place the dry noodles on top and pour in enough boiling water to cover and let the noodles become softened, then stir in a green OXO or similar.


Tractor time of year

I’m respectful to tractor drivers
With balers and trailers the lot
Pulling one side when they can, I love ’em
For “I’ll say till end o’this next road” I cannot!

Patient was once my virtue
Only let me make it perfectly clear
I’m irate for lorries of animals
As I relate to their horrors and fears

Don’t say anything hateful
With a gut full that others provide?
I say turn away from meat, with each cry, scream and bleat,
It’s not made, it’s a person that horrifically died