DIY Traditions

Do I have to follow traditions? No I thankfully don’t.  Any one of us can pick out ones that make sense or make some new ones of our own.  Personally I can see the logic to have the tradition of using up the contents of the larder over the winter and restocking it during harvest.  Yet not being a sheep I find it increasingly difficult to follow the crowd and get excited at the prospect of eating the body of a violent death whilst pulling a cracker.  Anyways, my son a few years ago, created a lovely new tradition:

Baked Beans on Toast Day ~ 25th December.  beans



I can believe it

pig humanSome would say you wouldn’t keep a child in those ~*#! conditions, so why keep an animal of equal intelligence in that?

  1. Firstly,  with the right conditioning since birth, people presume  ~*#! for some sentient beings as acceptable and believe it.
  2. Secondly, I don’t need to believe it, but see people paying for body parts that have been kept in ~*#! conditions, because “Where there was ~*#! there was brass”.
  3.  Lastly, I can believe it, as some would keep children in ~*#! conditions, because hidden away until found, some people have e.g. Genie a 13 year old girl found in 1970.


Need to know?

Vegan pre ordered mealI enjoyed the company of my colleagues last night, I danced happy and participated vigorously.  Only how can I resolve the food issue?  I refer you to my other blog and the post called:  Held out hope again, oops!  Do I name the establishment?  I can’t remember if I named the other one of the previous years.  They must know by now that they lost a whole groups valuable annual booking…

Who cares?  Who needs to know?  What next?

Discarding the noun!

Bexy (noun) is typing (verb) a long winded blog post to explain herself (something sometimes we all might find helpful).  I prefer a quiet life VERBING (doing) vegan, than to be all up in someone’s face NOUNING (naming) myself [VEGAN].  I really hate having to label myself and saying “I am vegan”  can put a dampener on any {{{jiggle~giggles}}}.  It’s like come running in announcing that I’ve deliberately run over some old dear who was walking (verb) over the zebra~crossing (noun) just outside, saying nonchalantly that I’ve left the ol’ baggins and her shopping trolly squished all “jammy bloodins” over the F***ing road!  Anyways, responses to the word “Vegan” sometimes make some react so aggressively, with all the pre~programmed and defensive rudeness of a lout.  Sometimes all I want is a kind, peaceful life and a F***ing tasty ethical bite to eat! < rant 😛

I want to be vegan (verb), looking (verb) for vegan clothes and generally being a happy bunny not exploiting others.  I invite you not to pigeon hole me, as there we have it beloveds “I  will vegan a lot in private and plenty of times in public, where maybe sometimes I might be caught on CCTV doing it vigorously!” and that’s just the way it is!

Note:  There’s a much more gentler version of this on my new blog Verb: Vegan without the swearing or rants.  😛

Sicilian style crisp butty

Going to start making a batch of these chickpea snacks this morning.  These are easy enough, but you do have to add a little time between the start and finish processes.  Panelle  pronounced “P’nelly”, is a Sicilian snack of chickpea polenta, cut and made into fritters, using very few ingredients:

  • Chickpea flour
  • Water
  • Salt (not much)
  • Herb of choice (I used dry sage and garlic granules, others use fresh chopped parsley…)
  • Oil for frying

I add the flour, dry sage, garlic and a pinch of salt to boiling water in a saucepan, stiring over a low to medium heat.  I don’t stop mixing and I do NOT let it re-boil until it resembles a very thick paste ball.  At this point I take it off the heat and place it into an icing bag to cool, then in the “frigo” (French for fridge).  When I want the snack, I thinly slice the dough and cook in hot oil until golden brown.  Uncooked, uncut dough keeps well in the frigo for a couple of days and you can then just cut slices off from the wide end, as and when.  I find it’s best to make the dough in the morning ready to cook later.  If you want to make a meal of panelle crisps, serve with a wedge of lemon on the side of the plate, some watercress and a roll.

Oh wow, I just found a better blog about how to make them properly, with photos in French:  Panelle siciliennes

p.s.  The wacky scientist in me wonders if prior to cooking, I put some vegan cheese and peas on one and covering with another, brushing them with oil, whether I could cook them in the sandwich toaster?

p.p.s. Placing this recipe onto my verb vegan blog

UK Nov Tatties

Potatoes I grew

Potatoes I grew previously

Picking seed heads from the petunia plants ready for next year, there’s not much left in the garden edible this time of year, but yum to my tum:  Today’s potatoes (grown from seed potatoes taken from previous years harvest) and kale were from the poly tunnel, with gluten cooked through with a pinch of sage and all covered in onion gravy.


Network tidal wave phenomenon

Does anyone actually believe that when dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripple will be just as strong onto the banks as it was in the centre?  Surely it dissipates and most words do the same, but what about online?

TalkersDo some words online seem to grow like tidal waves that crash into our many innocent online minds?  Without ethics towards others and our environment, Our footprintwhat I will phrase the network tidal wave phenomenon could be being used at this very moment as a weapon to manipulate us.  Bexy for one, does not intend to be driven by the profit-driven few and the megalomaniacs.

My advise is to interconnect with reality as much as possible on a regular.  It’s like putting up levys against any network tidal wave phenomenon.  Don’t you think our realities need to be ready, so we really can LOL!  smileFor the online world is just (‘insubstantial and disconnected glamour’ Borgmann) compared to kneading dough and baking bread, planting an acorn in a pot, washing up whilst looking out at the clouds in the sky, taking a walk just to listen to bird song, smiling for no apparent reason… and the list of positive things to do in life goes on…

Note:  Sorry, but for the life of me, I just cannot remember where I read the Borgmann quote.

Cocoa Pumpkin Bake

Taking one pack of ready rolled pastry, I lined the bottom of an oven safe glass tray with it, cooked it a little bit and then using this mixture \/ see below \/ made, filled the tray and cooked slowly all the way through a cocoa pumpkin bake.  When nearly finished I drizzled with rice syrup to make a sticky top.

  • Half a huge organically grown pumpkin out of my sister’s poly tunnel: Seeds out, peeled, cubed, steamed and mushed up fine in a blender while still hot with.
  • Plenty of cocoa powder.
  • Just enough sugar.
  • A blob of Flora vegan marg.

It sorta looks like a chocolate version of a custard slice without the lid and so nommy nom nom nom…  It sorta looks like this:

Pumpkin Tart

However, I’m not having it for breakfast, no that’s gonna be Suma beans and veggie sausages out of a tin from ApprovedFood on some of my homemade sage and onion bread toasted (brought to me any second by my wonderful hubby as an early breakfast in bed).

P.s. Ingredients of pastry vegan.

My 5pm vegan dinner

My 5pm dinnerSo, apparently other people put images of their food online.  Well my 5pm dinner isn’t so “normal” and whether others think it’s weird or not, it was delish.  I’ve played around with images from an internet search to show a representation (even the plate):

Half the content of a pomegranate beaten out with a wooden spoon, some gluten strips, fried after being marinated in BBQ sauce and a couple of slices of homemade grated carrot and orange bread with a date syrup topping.

All Kale!

So many long slender kale seed pods, with so many seeds and still kale in the poly tunnel.  I love this plant.  Mmmmm hot mash potato mixed up with steamed, shredded kale and seasoned with fried onions and chilli.  Was out in the garden, picking seed pods, rolling out the seeds for next year, with plenty to take to the seed swap too and also found yet another butternut squash t’boot the frost hadn’t got to.  Happy me.  Smile