How old am I?

Apparently it would be rude to ask a lady her age.

Without a label

I am the age you think I am,

I am an age I am,

Only can’t decide myself the age,

A label for madam.


The age from eyes that see,

Or what she wants to be?

Each moment brings the age she is,

For this madam’s age free.




Love and live well

‘At those times where I’ve done small, unremembered acts of kindness, it was at those times I loved and lived well.’ ~ Bexy 6:44am Sunday 19th November 2017

Tintern Abbey Wordsworth.jpg

Happy World Kindness Day

Kindness:  To be helpful towards others in need, to be considerate towards others and compassionate towards oneself…

Today’s the day to celebrate kindness and to be kind, woohoo!World Kindness Day

P.S.  A poem created this Monday morning for hubby who gets into work so early, and will be turning on a computer to see what tasks have been set:Poly Kindness


It’s a state of kind

A state of kind

“Shhh!” world and all that SHOULD be stuff,

KeyCOULD is a better word and it’s a state of kind,

When you stay in your own business and compassionate mind.


Making truths available in palatable yet effective form isn’t easy and pointing out horrible realities to others, then going about our own path…  well that’s the rub.  Oh how, when others actions/ lack of action has an effect on us and the other sentient beings we share the planet with…  I know, I know, we go along like kids in bumper cars on the fair ground of life and there’s a real art to staying safe within the bumper car, having some fun and yet not coming across as the fairground bully in the process while avoiding those that actually want to be the fairground bully.

BumperPalatable truth

Fair~ground bully wake up call,

Not just you, we’re in it all,

Good luck while the ride still runs,

As kids we still play with guns!


What is it?

What is itA pair of strong shoes?  A pair of soft gloves?  A jacket with zips and pockets?  A fluffy pompom on top of a hat?  or perhaps you know things and now see things differently?


What is it? by Bexy

Seen as a strong textile,

Ripped off to make a sellable style,

AnimalLeather and fur your trade so vile.


The smell of shit and bile that stinks,

Skinned alive the beauty blinks,

Skinless body that for minutes still thinks.

~WTF! ~

Please don’t buy or wear leather or fur.

Shout when necessary

I found the need to use large print in my last blog, please read and ponder my words shouted on screen.

I find shouting is sometimes necessary, even if you are a lover of peace and quiet.  At this point in time, good people are out trying to prevent the unnecessary murder of our wildlife [Thank You], some who can’t go there kindly Donating fuel money [Thank You]…  Paul Caton painted and donated the art money.  What part do you play in the preservation of our beloved wildlife be it badgers, foxes…?


Twilit is the time to calm not kill

Shout When Necessary

I so prefer peace and calm,

I love when it’s oh so quiet,

But sometimes when needed love,

I’ll shout the odds like in a bloody riot.


p.s. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

Not lost in my bedroom

Please do what I just did,

Look in those places the old UK pound might be hid,

To the shop or the bank ASAP please bring,

As next week, they will not be worth a F***ing thing!


The old pound coins are going out of circulation!!!

not lost pound