Ends and Beginnings

The young man looked exhausted. His house had flooded then caught on fire. His new car was under water and he assumed his pets didn’t make it out before his home exploded. The reporter asked him one question; “What possessions were you able to retrieve?” his chilling response “Nothing”.

“Empty-handed I entered the world. Barefoot I leave it. My coming, my going, two simple happenings that got entangled.” – Kozan Ichikyo

My wife and I have been rattling around in a house to big for our needs for the last few years. We see smaller houses with less grass to mow close to us for sale and we always say we should go look at it, but we never do. Why? Stuff, too much stinking stuff.

We have lived in the same house for almost 20 years and added on and updated about 10 years ago. In 30…

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Social media

Just a very few words:  Give up social media if you know what’s good for you, for others and for the planet.  How about a few little hashtags too:


You know it makes sense not to be on that all day.

Haiku “Time”

Lives parallel timed mine,

As I live my life,

Time lives parallel to me.



Is it really all relative?  Is it time?  Does the ground beneath my feet actually feel the same as the ground beneath yourn?  Is it all relative?

Anne On

Well unlike another type of social media, blogging doesn’t have to have my whole name plastered all over it (though to be honest some people still do call me Bexy) or to have all my so called [Friends] to follow me or for me to make up some clever fake id name (that everyone and his wife knows is me)…  Basically, we all should know by now, that ianonf Big Brother wants to know what any of us type online, they will.  Plus they’ll know who we are and where we are.

So that is that and we can either live with it and type what we are, what we think, what we want others to know… or just don’t type anything online.  You see, unlike Farceblock which is like shouting “Hello World this is me take a pop” and inviting all and sundry to feel obliged to [Like] me, I am fine with putting down kind, creative things just for the intrinsic value or maybe the last blog has an accurate point too?

~ blar ~ blar, blar, blar ~ blar ~