D is for

D is forI know it sounds bad to “Dump someone”, but sometimes self preservation insists!

Other people’s words are actually nothing to do with us and it’s actually all about them.  It’s their perceptions, what’s going on with them, how they are conducting their life and they might need help with this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it!

If there’s a choice of who to share OUR life with, and if someone gives us the gift of them speaking their mind or in other ways show us into their world towards us and it’s all negative, driving us crazy and making our life a misery, then making a sound choice (based on that track record) means backing off.  Note however:  If there’s a possibility of physically abuse, you will need help to leave safely and to stay safe once you have left.Same thing playingI get the feeling, that to stay in a relationship out of choice with a D track record towards you is to enable them to do the same thing over and over.  They might become more of a [Bexy turned the air blue and went all EXPLETIVES] and they might think it’s okay to be [BEXY made the air turn blue again with EXPLETIVES].

An average life span is not that long and surely living it as an enabler to a [EXPLETIVE] is a pretty crappy existence, right? and So please beloved, don’t waste your time left on this beautiful planet, but have some compassion and kindness unto your sweet self as an Equal with others!

Beloved [EXPLETIVE] be warned, if you know your being [EXPLETIVE] do something about your perceptions, question your thinking, get help, speak gratitude, get a new attitude, because if you piss people off enough, they might piss off and stay that way.


The art of trying


At this moment I am trying to sort out things in the house.  Things I’ve neglected include stripping the old DOORS! and painting them nicely a plain white, because in the dark, a dark blue door looks like it’s bloody open!  and yes of course I’ve walked into it.

There’s also things in this house I’ve forgotten existed and I need to address their existence in my space and some may need to go to charity (even if they only end up in the rag bag the charity can get money for them, as long as they are clean enough).  Some of these things I have kept, well they might have been good at the time, but maybe now they just don’t fit or maybe they just do NOT spark joy (can you tell I’ve been reading this book).  Anyways, I’m going to try to sort it all out in one long winded swoop on the clutter.  Wish me luck!!