question markMaybe I’m a poet


You know the type of moment,

The one that says “I see”,

It’s the time you get it in your head,

question mark..Of what your niche might be.


I’ve had one of those moments,

Looking at a piece of art,

question mark.,Inspired to write a poem,

From imagination and the heart.




Maybe a poet




We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx

Seeing the truth

Do we need other facts than those we see before us, to change the way we behave?

forgottenNot sure who the artist is, but took a snap of this painting from someone’s “farceblock” page that I’m a friend of a friend of…  Here is what was on the next image:




What I think it means:  A happy mess with the possibility of something pretty or useful coming out of it EVENTUALLY.  As it is written:  Patience is a virtue!


I’ve no formal training as a professional artist, only  a couple of degree modules looking into fine art and public sculpture (ahem, yet I recall getting merit and distinction).  I got good marks for both subjects overall and enjoyed the creativity involved.

The module of fine art looked into the various artists and we studied their work.  Whereas the public sculpture module went into all sorts of aspects including balance and safety of large pieces.  We even got to make a maquette (small mock up) of a sculpture we would make if we had the chance.  If I had been able to make the sculpture, it would have looked a bit like this:

Public Sculpture MaquetteMy maquette was made in a fast drying clay, then painted with nail varnish and placed into a scene made of cardboard.  It represented a huge sculpture that if I could, would have been created for just outside a safe house for street kids, Mexico.  You see I had been reading about how the street kids had been killed right outside the gate of a building in question, by police!

I decided that the sculpture could be made physically strong enough to withstand a car attempting to run down a child or stop bullets.  At least long enough perhaps, for the volunteers to open the gates and get the child into safety.

My thinking about the artistic side, was that not only did it represent the child (painted golden metallic in the middle) but the protective nature of the house and those who volunteered in it.


I saw this saying once and kept it in my mind’s eye:EhDid I mention that I once took up several degree art modules and gained certificates from Coleg Sir Gar in Carmarthen (good grades too).

The module [Public Sculpture] made look at all sorts of things including health and safety, then producing a maquette of a huge public sculpture for a charity (street children) that would be both useful and thought provoking.

The module in [Fine Art] took me along the who~painted/created~what~back~then route  M and I think this could be useful in a pub quiz 🙂