Delete, repeat, return… happy.

So many times I’ve learnt dance moves over and over, until I REPEAT them whenever I hear that music.  Only sometimes I see those moves and think DELETE!!!!  I then RETURN to the drawing board to do a whole new set of choreography, until I know I’ve gone bonkers, but happy.

Delete Return Repeat

We’re dancing tonight, my solo I have changed many times and enjoyed going bonkers and I’m happy to get up there in the Small World Theatre, to share freely what I’ve chosen.


Costume arms

I don’t think many people will know about this physical ailment, but here goes.

costume arm

“Costume Arms”That ouch you get in your biceps of a morning, when you’ve gone to sleep after a sewathon, sewing costumes by hand damn near non~stop most of the weekend, to create something sparkles, wow and impressive, working thoroughly so things are safe and can’t pop out, layers cannot come apart and bits won’t fall off during a dance! 

Dance cane

Belly dance caneI was looking at YouTube to find a way to make a belly dance cane out of a garden bamboo cane, especially bending that little bit at the top.  I want to not waste/spend money on some import from hundreds of miles away.   However, I wasn’t successful for that, but found and loved this YouTube clip, all about bending really thick pieces of bamboo 90 degrees:

How to Bend Bamboo in a 90 degree angle

In the meantime I’m going to try soaking the ends of the garden canes in boiling water, see if that softens it enough to bend them round something, then letting them cool and dry.  I get the feeling this might work, might, perhaps?  As for the painting and decorating bit, well that will be a breeze and a joy.  Finally hitting the floor and twirling it over my head like a loon dancing of course!

Wait, wait, reforming ideas, now I’ve just found a winning dance without the saidi canes having to be curved at the end:

Nawar group dancing saidi-iraqi dance

This also made me want to never cut my hair again and use it in future as a prop!

Straight saidi dance canes

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A room full?

I want to remind people for the Hafla coming up in Cardigan:

Walk into a room full of people

I am dancing to entertain you, to inspire you, to let you enjoy being and so:

Centre of attention

I do not believe I am the centre of attention when I dance, you are.

Star Dust

What a lovely display of dancers, being all sparkly and wonderful last night at the Small World Theatre.  Rose and Mel did a great job of putting this hafla on, with many others helping make it work:  lovelies doing a raffle, others providing food for the dancers and a stall with refreshments for the audience.  Talking of stalls, there was some with costumes and dance knick-knacks, including a display of some very professional dance costumes from Zara’s Zouk a mother (Sandra) and daughter (Zara) team.

Beautiful friends, family and colleagues together, all talented with the ability to get up there and share the joy of dancing with each other and an audience.  Thankful that myself and my daughter could join in and enjoy such a jolly event.  There is a Facebook page for those who wish to support the group Dragonfly Dance.


We’re all made out of star dust.


Reality as we perceive it

Perceive life well, live it and enjoy the crazy journey.

As for tonight in the Small World Theatre:  Our choreography to Pink “Fire” is practiced, yet still with plenty of individual interpretation (as is our ephemiral style).  So it could be a great moment with bits of randomness and in any case it will be an enjoyable dance in front of beloveds.  Have just created a Facebook page for supporters of our group Dragonfly Dance, only there’s nothing on it as yet.

Reality = How things actually are, rather than as they may appear in our unquestioned thoughts, this can and does includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible.

Reality is always so much kinder than our unquestioned stressful thoughts.


Brill Red Cross night

So much to report back about the Red Cross event last night.  So I will do it quickly in bullet point, as I have to be somewhere:

  • People arrive for the fashion show and buying raffle tickets (lots of writing out names and phone numbers on tickets and folding them into the bucket).
  • Excited chatter as a local hairdresser and a local make up artist donate time to pamper the volunteer models.
  • We all whisper as we line up ready with our notes about the outfit we are modelling, at the same time a film on the other side of the screen is showing all about what the Red Cross is about and does.
  • We take it in turn to model the first set of mostly everyday pretty outfits; as the compère (another volunteer) announces us about what we are wearing from the cards.
  • A short break, then myself and daughter come on in animal onesies and dance to I wanna be like you from The Jungle Book (some choreography, but a lot of ad lib as I eat a banana on stage at one point (thankfully because I almost forgot to eat that evening with all the rushing around).
  • Models then come on wearing evening clothes, wedding and prom dresses, I model the tallest most stupid looking shoes on the planet and as I go to get off the stage I take them off (no sitting in A&E for a few hours for me thank you very much).
  • Everyone (apart from us) come on stage to take a bow in their finery.
  • We (myself and my beautiful daughter) come on and do a slow meaningful belly dance to Wonderful World ending in holding up a Red Cross flag.
  • We tidy up the back room full of clothes (myself, my daughter and our local Red Cross manageress’ daughter).  Putting the room (donated for our use by the hotel) all nice and straight, glasses to the bar, rubbish to the bin, bed sorted…
  • Then in “normal” clothes, I get back to the dance floor to join in and ending with the golden oldie tradition of dancing to Time Warp before going home (others stopping on).
  • I give one of our most valued lovely customers a lift home, with her winning basket of fruit and she says “It was the best night out I’ve had!” bless ‘er.
  • Daughter and myself go home and I feel like it really is a wonderful world with such kind and beautiful people in it!

Wake up this morning with make up marks on the pillow and a smile still planted firmly on my face!  🙂

Fashion Show

At just £5 a ticket in aid of the Red Cross, in a few days time, this next Thursday, 6.30pm at Plas Hyfryd Hotel, Narberth there will be a Fashion Show.  Volunteers will show case clothes available and I will be belly dancing on the catwalk with my beautiful daughter.  Then music for all to dance to.

p.s. There’s room enough to buy tickets on the night at the door, but if you want to buy them early, they are available at the Narberth Red Cross shop, 6 Market Square, Narberth SA66 7AU.

7 parts

I believe there are many ways to dance, but this is a good formula to good belly dance choreography:belly choreography 7A very important part of any dance performed to the public is trial runs and practice, practice with the music, practice with the costume, practice, practice, practice… only if it brings you joy!