Love and live well

‘At those times where I’ve done small, unremembered acts of kindness, it was at those times I loved and lived well.’ ~ Bexy 6:44am Sunday 19th November 2017

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BathroomAt some point I intend to do some YouTube vids.  So the things on here all inwards and childlike, could be all outward and visible.  For example, I could pick up my camcorder and show the paint mixing, nail varnish painted frames etc… without having to type and make daft images on Microsoft Paint showing you the colours of the ceiling, walls and painted frames.  What do you think?

Stuffed Get

People buy new stuff and then dump it (rinse and repeat).  A lot of stuff doesn’t ever go away.   A lot of it can be used or repurposed or recycled.  Yet it gets dumped and the land fills with what could have been, and the land fills with what could have been, and the landfills are unseen, and the land fills with what could have been (rinse and repeat).

Stuffed GetStuffed Get 

The proceeds of wants, while haves and little greeds,

Sit closely by the checkout,

While the here’s already and great big needs,

Lay desperately by the without.




My head knocks painfully against unseen hardness,

My feet slip in stench and blood,

My finger-tips in troughs of despair and the shores of death I try to tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, tip toe so loud unto silence.

Hellishness and not back I plead for kindness to come “Rescue us all”.

I know all forms of cruel, for I spoke to inhumane and it did not listen.

I want to know the passionate seizure of beauty, yet I am denied everything,

I am for the marvellous creative that reads [Prepacked for your convenience].

My name is Valid and I’m the second most elusive captive in the universe, the first being Truth.


Bexy ~ 2016   (after reading ‘Who am I’ by Carl Sandburg)

My profile

I took my time to write it down and I think it sums my attitude in life:

JI’m into kindness in a big way, along with lots of other natural and peaceful things.  Looking inwardly to question or out at the stars to ponder or close up at nature to admire, is my ways of combating the thoughts brought on by sheeple in their cruel idiocies.  To be able to act according to compassion in difficult situations, I totally endorse to actually stop and enjoy the scent of a flower or to dance in the moonlight.  Oh how lovely it is to laugh in all the beautiful shades of happy kindness and to help others to do the same.

An activist for a kinder, more natural world.