Delete, repeat, return… happy.

So many times I’ve learnt dance moves over and over, until I REPEAT them whenever I hear that music.  Only sometimes I see those moves and think DELETE!!!!  I then RETURN to the drawing board to do a whole new set of choreography, until I know I’ve gone bonkers, but happy.

Delete Return Repeat

We’re dancing tonight, my solo I have changed many times and enjoyed going bonkers and I’m happy to get up there in the Small World Theatre, to share freely what I’ve chosen.



So, it’s early morning and how do we amuse ourselves? Surely not practising French?  Yes and by making up totally bonkers sentences and seeing how each of us translate what we are saying.  Here’s one I made earlier:

Je vais me laver les cheveux en utilisant de la sauce tomate rouge, des petits crayons et un nettoyant pour vitres avec John.

Scroll down for translation:









I’m going to wash my hair using red tomato sauce, small pencils and window cleaner with John.





Now, you have a choice, do you:

  1. Let your thoughts go bonkers about what you think is going to happen in the world now.
  2. Enjoy what the planet is giving you in this most wonderful day.

You are at the cross~roads, but talking of crossroads:  My mother would pick common leaves on our bike rides and along with the flowers Dad (bless ‘im) grew in the garden, she made and sold pressed flower pictures.  One large pressed flower picture was used as a prop in the TV series Crossroads and mother got quite upset when she saw the set burn down as part of the script.  All that effort up in smoke, but she made others and that is how it is to be:  “Gather yer skirt up, kick up the dust and dance on!”  The world is in more need of your unique wonderfulness than ever, so “Do not go down with the ship!” that’s more my Day speaking.

In latin: “hic manebimus optime!” then in english: “here we will stay, most excellently!”


Oh, now I can see this word clearly, maybe, possibly…?  Yes, this word “Abderian” I guess defines much of the Mad Hatter‘s laugh, especially so when the laugh seeps out in the presence of the Bloody Red Queen.

HatterYou see, apparently laughing uncontrollably is coined abdarian.  The word being used in this instance is therefore a describing word, an adjective.  Originally it meant a person coming from Abdera the town in Thrace.  Then it became what it is today, due to the laughing philosopher Demoncritus (the originator of the atomic theory) who once upon a time lived in Abdera.

Thinking about it, I might be inclined to an abderian laugh myself in the presence of an “Off with their heads!” deranged, wacko, crazed, stark staring, unconvincing, round the bend, shocking, disturbed, screw loose, feeble, unhinged, sick in the head, unhealthy, unnatural, implausible, merciless, insane, savage, gruesome, heartless, hollow, feeble, unstable, brutal, barking, bloodthirsty, monstrous, barbaric, macabre, harrowing, psycho, twisted, hideous, “cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo…” cut-throat, out of the belfry and onto the bloody supermarkets shelves, abattoir mentality!!!  FFS if you haven’t already, please use the head still on your shoulders and stop eating other sentient beings; beings who haven’t so much lost their beautiful heads, but had them forcefully and horrendously taken from them!

Don’t think of it as your choice any more, but that is NOT their choice to die and you pay for that shite.

Go ask Alice