Trying it on

I’m already happily wrapped in a sort of pink, but sometimes I try on practicality, handsomely made, comfort and/or a sort of eclectic happy style.

Me trying on clothes

Trying it on

I think I know perhaps who I am,

I think I know my eclectic, happy style,

but in reality I know and see,

I’m my best with just a smile.



Dad for shoes!

Okay, so if as a child I went into town with mother to buy shoes:

  1. Mum sees a pair of shoes, tries them on me, mum of course says “They’re nice shoes.”    Love
  2. Walks out of shop and on to the next shop (me still wearing my old tight shoes)
  3. Goto  1.

With my father to buy shoes:

  1. Dad gets my feet measured, sees a pair of walkable yet a little bit girly shoes in that same shop and tries them on me, buys them, I keep them on and put the old pair in the shoebox to take home
  2. Woolworths for some pick~&~mix
  3. British Home Stores to the upstairs restaurant for dinner and a pudding
  4. Go home on the bus happy in comfortable shoes  Love
  5. Mum says “Oh now they are nice shoes.”

To say they did things differently is a true personification of the expression:  An understatement!

Kvetching rings

Back-in-the-day, before I became a crone (note I didn’t say “old crone”) I regularly suffered from PMT {{{Premenstrual Tension}}}.


Suffering is of course subjective, but I remember how during my suffering PMT I’ve dumped out some pretty strong shit!  This obviously wasn’t being such a “mad cow” but an intelligent way of staying sane (although please note: Sanity is highly overrated and some of the best people on this crazy planet, are nuttier than a squirrels fart!)  Squirrel fart  You see, according to Comfort in / Dump out in all kinds of crises and suffering be it physical, mental, emotional, romantic, social, spiritual, financial, legal… there’s kvetching rings to abide by if you can.

Comfort in = be kind, compassionate, listening more than talking., thoughtful with words, deeds and be of service to someone in need, right? right.

Dump out = sometimes feeling like shit, saying and doing things we feel full of doubt and discomfort about, yet this how to survive suffering and if you want to scream, cry etc. just do it to someone in a bigger ring than the one you’re in, right? right..Kvetching rings

  1. If you’re inside a ring of {{{SUFFERING}}} you can pretty much say anything you bloody well need to say e.g. ~ “I hate everything” ~ “F*** this shit!” ~ “it’s so F***ing unfair!” ~ “Bugger off!” ~ “Stay damn you!” ~ “FFS why me?” ~ “This is shit, shit, F***ing shit!!!” ~ and you know, maybe break a few things and plenty of rules.
  2. Those further inside your circles you need to support as best you can, with the goal to help and to [Comfort in]
  3. Remembering to check yourself if you are not in the middle of the crisis!  So it goes that it is best to only crap out, only as necessary and to people in the larger rings that don’t want to fire you, so you can feel free to [Dump out]

Basically being the loving person that you are, you will do your best and with a bit of patience, overlook anything done by the person further inside any ring of suffering e.g. moaning, swearing, breaking shit…  You support with “Can I bring you something?”  ~ “Oh my lovely, I’m here” [staying only as long as you can, only as long as the person wants you to and NOT visiting when they don’t feel up to it].

Try to never send shit back inwards to the one at the centre of the suffering or anyone closer to the one in the centre than yourself with things like: “This is really bringing me down!” ~ “I wasn’t prepared for this” ~ “I don’t know if I can handle it.” ~ “This isn’t just about you!”  These words are for those further outside the rings you are in.  You need to say it sure, further out, further out, further out please and a bit further out, thank you!

At the same time you hope to be able to rely on any loving folks further outside the rings you’re in to support you.  To let you moan, swear and generally let go without reproach, because you feel your suffering deeply and they are your support system in life full of Comfort in / Dump out ~ Comfort in / Dump out ~ Comfort in / Dump out