How are you?

If you ask me this question, most times I am totally willing to tell you, so beware of that.  If you want to be a part of my life, if I want to be a part of yours, then we have to communicate what’s going on in there (Bexy points mentally to her head).  That’s how interpersonal relationships and support structures are made, kept and developed.  Thing is, it takes more than one person to communicate effectively, it takes at least two:

  1. TalkerTalkers


  1. ListenerListeners

Most of all it takes both sides

to swap roles





postHave I told you about the time I was in a right ol’ panic, searching and searching for my car keys, while my young child just sat there staring at the vacuum cleaner in the centre of the room?  I worked out what he had done in the end, once I had stopped running around and started looking at the visual communication from my son.


VeggieLots of people will be helping to show that going veggie is surprisingly simple, maybe you could contact your local vegetarian group to get free information on that.  Here is the link to the Vegetarian Sociaty
Maybe you no longer eat meat already and how lovely it could be to send a nice email or handwritten card to someone you know or a local restaurant you wish to visit, with an easy and not too expensive recipe that doesn’t include meat or dairy.

National vegetarian weekAll the better today, on day two of National Vegetarian Week, a week dedicated to saying:  All sentient creatures have a right to life and freedom.

True perception

beigeKind communication could help, but that perceptions are so different.

I could be seeing green and you could be seeing red or we could both be saying the same word “Beige” {{{shudder}}}.

However, I think the world could be a much nicer and easier place to live if we all told our truths, but first we have to work out what it is.