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Seasoned oak

The Oak poemI wonder if anyone called out to Alfred Lord Tennyson “Hey Alfie” (I used to babysit an Alfie back-in-the-day and can almost hear that).  I wonder if someone shouted “Alf, oi you, come ‘ere!” across the beach at “Skeggy“.  I imagined this as I read that his family was comfortably well off when he was a child, thus enabling the family to spend their summers at Skegness and Mablethorpe.

Poor Alfred though, apparently as an adult he had a lifelong struggle with debilitating depression (as do many deep thinkers and creative people).

It has been said that keeping active, socialising and laying off the booze, can all help improve our mood; and that keeping in touch with friends and family means you have someone to talk to when you feel low.  Phone, write… to someone today perhaps.

Being kind to our lovely selves and others, on this beautiful planet, throughout all the seasons of life surely brings peace.