Secret prop

World earthI love that I eventually worked out how something is done and what obvious traditional prop is involved etc…  It has taken me hours, but that now I know, I couldn’t possibly tell anyone, because I want to use the same prop and do the same thing to amaze an audience and make them go “Ooooo”.  The world is a stage and all those in the cast and the audience are in need of peaceful, natural and happy things.



Delete, repeat, return… happy.

So many times I’ve learnt dance moves over and over, until I REPEAT them whenever I hear that music.  Only sometimes I see those moves and think DELETE!!!!  I then RETURN to the drawing board to do a whole new set of choreography, until I know I’ve gone bonkers, but happy.

Delete Return Repeat

We’re dancing tonight, my solo I have changed many times and enjoyed going bonkers and I’m happy to get up there in the Small World Theatre, to share freely what I’ve chosen.

Costume arms

I don’t think many people will know about this physical ailment, but here goes.

costume arm

“Costume Arms”That ouch you get in your biceps of a morning, when you’ve gone to sleep after a sewathon, sewing costumes by hand damn near non~stop most of the weekend, to create something sparkles, wow and impressive, working thoroughly so things are safe and can’t pop out, layers cannot come apart and bits won’t fall off during a dance! 

A room full?

I want to remind people for the Hafla coming up in Cardigan:

Walk into a room full of people

I am dancing to entertain you, to inspire you, to let you enjoy being and so:

Centre of attention

I do not believe I am the centre of attention when I dance, you are.

Against the tide

loveGiggling is an act of love for one’s self, that also in the right place, at the right time can be an act of love for others.  Dance also can have the knock on effect for others that have eyes to see how dance joys the soul.

Yet to stand out against the tide of unkind and the cruel is such an act of love for others, but it most definitely has the knock on effect of pouring love back.

The when, the where…  it’s sometimes set, it’s sometimes spontaneous…  but it is best practised on a regular basis.  For to change this world of humans from the route they are taking, takes more than just one act, it takes a series of acts within a lifetime:

  1. Peaceful kind thoughts
  2. Kind actions to one’s self and others e.g. not consuming other sentient beings
  3. Standing up against the tide of unpeacefulness and cruelty in a peaceful way
  4. Repeat from 1.



Now, you have a choice, do you:

  1. Let your thoughts go bonkers about what you think is going to happen in the world now.
  2. Enjoy what the planet is giving you in this most wonderful day.

You are at the cross~roads, but talking of crossroads:  My mother would pick common leaves on our bike rides and along with the flowers Dad (bless ‘im) grew in the garden, she made and sold pressed flower pictures.  One large pressed flower picture was used as a prop in the TV series Crossroads and mother got quite upset when she saw the set burn down as part of the script.  All that effort up in smoke, but she made others and that is how it is to be:  “Gather yer skirt up, kick up the dust and dance on!”  The world is in more need of your unique wonderfulness than ever, so “Do not go down with the ship!” that’s more my Day speaking.

In latin: “hic manebimus optime!” then in english: “here we will stay, most excellently!”


I like this random word “Tarantism” meaning an uncontrollable urge to dance.


and why not indeed.  Day or night, dance if you feel like it, in the sunshine or in the moonlight!  Especially if in the moonlight, it might actually keep you a bit warmer.  🙂