Not quitting

It’s not so bad as some people believe, NOT quitting can free up my life for the new moments within the familiar.  I myself am now considering not quitting my volunteer work.  I am still pondering.  It is possible that it is time to NOT move onto something else.

Time will tell how I will spend my efforts and where in the future.  It’s not my business or privy to know the future, but I guess these are some of the big deciding factors:

  • Perceptions of my effectiveness for good within the role
  • If I discern my time and effort is being wasted for mediocre purposes
  • True~self awareness within colleague interactions and if it gets blown out of the water by distressing exchanges, where my psyche gets too much discomfort on a regular and says “#*~ it!”



How are you?

If you ask me this question, most times I am totally willing to tell you, so beware of that.  If you want to be a part of my life, if I want to be a part of yours, then we have to communicate what’s going on in there (Bexy points mentally to her head).  That’s how interpersonal relationships and support structures are made, kept and developed.  Thing is, it takes more than one person to communicate effectively, it takes at least two:

  1. TalkerTalkers


  1. ListenerListeners

Most of all it takes both sides

to swap roles