D is for

D is forI know it sounds bad to “Dump someone”, but sometimes self preservation insists!

Other people’s words are actually nothing to do with us and it’s actually all about them.  It’s their perceptions, what’s going on with them, how they are conducting their life and they might need help with this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it!

If there’s a choice of who to share OUR life with, and if someone gives us the gift of them speaking their mind or in other ways show us into their world towards us and it’s all negative, driving us crazy and making our life a misery, then making a sound choice (based on that track record) means backing off.  Note however:  If there’s a possibility of physically abuse, you will need help to leave safely and to stay safe once you have left.Same thing playingI get the feeling, that to stay in a relationship out of choice with a D track record towards you is to enable them to do the same thing over and over.  They might become more of a [Bexy turned the air blue and went all EXPLETIVES] and they might think it’s okay to be [BEXY made the air turn blue again with EXPLETIVES].

An average life span is not that long and surely living it as an enabler to a [EXPLETIVE] is a pretty crappy existence, right? and So please beloved, don’t waste your time left on this beautiful planet, but have some compassion and kindness unto your sweet self as an Equal with others!

Beloved [EXPLETIVE] be warned, if you know your being [EXPLETIVE] do something about your perceptions, question your thinking, get help, speak gratitude, get a new attitude, because if you piss people off enough, they might piss off and stay that way.


Boy’s reaction

If I don't forgetIs equality in the future up to the kids of today being shown what it means?  Then remembering to see it through.

Here’s the clip that made me emotional.  To see the kids and especially how one boy’s reaction to inequality could mean so much hope for humanity in the future.

“… if I don’t forget.”

Bless us all

Bless the slow and the speedy
Bless the rich to see the needy
Bless the ones that quickly need to rise
And those in bed that need to bide

I feel so blessed with my lovely lot
For contentment blessings I have got
Kindness, needs met and nature I can see
Are such blessings surrounding me

It isn’t always easy though you know
My mind can be too quick or sometimes slow
Blessings can be so covert and disguised
Yet right in front of closed mind’s eyes

So bless the low to see a height
Be it day or in the night
Bless the high up to those feeling very small
What I mean is: Bless us all

Please feel free to comment about my poems. Bexy