D is for

D is forI know it sounds bad to “Dump someone”, but sometimes self preservation insists!

Other people’s words are actually nothing to do with us and it’s actually all about them.  It’s their perceptions, what’s going on with them, how they are conducting their life and they might need help with this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it!

If there’s a choice of who to share OUR life with, and if someone gives us the gift of them speaking their mind or in other ways show us into their world towards us and it’s all negative, driving us crazy and making our life a misery, then making a sound choice (based on that track record) means backing off.  Note however:  If there’s a possibility of physically abuse, you will need help to leave safely and to stay safe once you have left.Same thing playingI get the feeling, that to stay in a relationship out of choice with a D track record towards you is to enable them to do the same thing over and over.  They might become more of a [Bexy turned the air blue and went all EXPLETIVES] and they might think it’s okay to be [BEXY made the air turn blue again with EXPLETIVES].

An average life span is not that long and surely living it as an enabler to a [EXPLETIVE] is a pretty crappy existence, right? and So please beloved, don’t waste your time left on this beautiful planet, but have some compassion and kindness unto your sweet self as an Equal with others!

Beloved [EXPLETIVE] be warned, if you know your being [EXPLETIVE] do something about your perceptions, question your thinking, get help, speak gratitude, get a new attitude, because if you piss people off enough, they might piss off and stay that way.


My mother the activist

My mother could look “normal” yet she most certainly was not!  Mildly it could be put, that my Mum was “outspoken” and now~a~days would most definitely be called an activist for nature, for kindness towards the less fortunate…  and she had her moments of clarity when it came to equality.  These moments would make her leap into action.  Throwing tight new shoes far away over a wall just came to mind (the boy with no arms or hands, needed bare feet to feed himself, as she had seen and knew from before that he could).


Allegory or request?

‘Women hold up half the sky’ ~ Mao / Blood splattered red book


First impression could read this quote as part beautiful, unrealistic, romantic allegory or a horrible request to the already overworked woman.

As if women didn’t have enough to do, that someone in power would say that as an ideal women, one who holds up half of the very sky above them.  Only was it not a clever ploy at the time to say “Women…” when actually addressing teenagers (who you have admit, love having more time on their hands).  To inciting these young people to use their youthful energies into proving their equality by obeying a call to rebel (plenty of teens love to rebel).  You see, we could presume all sorts of things on reading this and more literature from around that horrific time (unless you actually do want to sleep at night).  We could conclude that many beautiful words were used for propaganda, to make women work harder than ever and/or to incite the younger ones without responsibilities to become as ruthless as men are regularly portrayed (when actually, real men are not killers, this is not the natural state of being for anyone in a peaceful, natural, healthy state of mind). 

At the time that the saying was written, the requests to rebellion was demanded to be followed, and for all citizens of China to hunt down and kill anyone against the Mao ideologies.  That now it all seems to say:  Be dull (‘Do not read too many books’ ~ Mao) and do dull blood thirsty things (an estimated 60 million Chinese were either executed or starved to death during the entire reign of Mao Tse Tung).  Therefore, in the light of this day, it sounds not at all romantic, but man~ipulative” and not at all an ideology of peace, of love and of equality within humanity.

Question everything and see if it is really for freedom, equality and friendship!

Vote Green TODAY

Green Party

Championing an innovative green economy, social justice, equality, for the NHS, for sustainable transport, good housing and climate protection for all.  Vote for the Green Party today in the local council elections and vote for a natural future.  All across the country there’re more candidates standing in more seats than ever before.  Time to make the change from the old top down way of thinking, stop letting the self centred stand on the hands of others to climb that wasteful ladder.  Today is the day to make the future GREEN.

Don’t vote tactfully, it is a waste of a vote, vote the right people in and


Boy’s reaction

If I don't forgetIs equality in the future up to the kids of today being shown what it means?  Then remembering to see it through.

Here’s the clip that made me emotional.  To see the kids and especially how one boy’s reaction to inequality could mean so much hope for humanity in the future.

“… if I don’t forget.”


I think perhaps you have to have read my last blog post to get this one easily.  So here is what I get from the Ten “Friends” story:
  • Drinking “Friends” can turn violent by the end of the night.
  • Money and splitting the bill can cause big problems.
  • Some people are so poor they only have money and dodgy “Friends”
  • Financial differences can cause offence and trouble.
  • Sometimes a good intention (£20 reduction) can backfire!
  • Tax is a nightmare and if you’re not clued, you’ll get conned.
Conclusion: If for any reason you end up with lots of money e.g. The lottery just happened to pick those numbers for you and you hadn’t ticked the [No publicity] box or maybe you think you “earnt it” or a wealthy relative died and has left it for you … whatever the cause, don’t let the effect be to go out with so called “Friends” drinking every night!!  Better still, distribute the damn stuff fast to those that need it most!!!  Be influential (try this with or without money) by showing others how to be a kind person, a person who has good values:
  • Peaceful homes for all peoples.
  • Environmental preservation.
  • Human rights and equality.
  • Letting kids have their childhoods without fear or mutilation or manipulation…
  • Helping those who are somehow damaged live as full a life as possible.
  • Compassion towards animals, with research that doesn’t come at the cost of a sentient beings life and food productions that don’t come at the same cost.
  • Rescue services for all.
  • Learning (note I didn’t say “education” ) and the arts.

Please add to the list in the comments.  Thank you.  flowers

Wise crack

Fed up with feeling of fight,

Easier to give an equal right,

Humanity together needs to grow,

Have wisdom to let in light!


Do the ******* maths,

Like changing tides,

It’s time to guide,

Humanity needs to grow!


Women ~ men, old ~ young, white ~ black,

We’re all humanity and wisdom is the knack,

May I please NOT be part of a wall that divides,

But one of many wise cracks Loveletting in some kindness light!

Wise crack