TC4 Shoot Across The Sky

Well the Earth is going to have another asteroid whizzzz pass and this one is named TC4.  Some will talk about how we could prepare {{{BIG MENTAL LAUGH}}} and all I can think of is how it is none of my business when the universe reshuffles my shape and of course I got the need to blog a Japanese Haiku Poem in its honour:


We’d need more than a hard hat

“FORE!” TC tom cat

Pass peaceful pretty dingbat


Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend



Delete, repeat, return… happy.

So many times I’ve learnt dance moves over and over, until I REPEAT them whenever I hear that music.  Only sometimes I see those moves and think DELETE!!!!  I then RETURN to the drawing board to do a whole new set of choreography, until I know I’ve gone bonkers, but happy.

Delete Return Repeat

We’re dancing tonight, my solo I have changed many times and enjoyed going bonkers and I’m happy to get up there in the Small World Theatre, to share freely what I’ve chosen.

Sewing, Darning and Clothes Swap

Narberth Mending CafeThe Narberth Mending Cafe – Sewing, Darning and Clothes Swap is on tuesday night at Span Art, Narberth, West Wales, UK, 6pm and I might take some dance sparkle to sort out.  This event is part of the Cheerful Project’s new monthly Mending Cafe in Narberth. 

‘Bring something along and learn how to fix it or come and help others learn a skill… come and spruce up your summer wardrobe, patch the holes in your favourite pair of jeans or darn your best cardigan! Bring along your unwanted wardrobe (please make sure clothes are clean and not too worn out) to swap with others for a whole new look!  Pay What You Can.’


A few days to go

Heads up my friends, 13th November will be World Kindness Day, I don’t think there’s anything happening around here in Wales, but I might get out my chalks to the pavement if it’s not raining to write [Happy World Kindness Day] if nothing else.  I might get the opportunity to do random acts of kindness too.  We will see.


Oh and someone (not me) is having a birthday soon after that too.



Just a story


Whitland Carnival 2014

Look for the story, just Look for the story!

Life is more than just the science, the path,

the food, the clothes, the doing or not doing,

it is the inside story and the out,

the outside adventure and the in,

the experience and most of all the laugh.

Look for your story to enjoy it.

Story = an account of imagination or for real, of events told for entertainment as a narrative, a recital… history and a yarn.

I actually hate the nursery rhyme three blind mice.  Firstly there’s a horrible story behind the three blind mice nursery rhyme.  However, that goes with the royal history, all that inherited power.  Also the rhyme says it all too, as it doesn’t take that much to imagine many a farmer’s wife to be just that ignorant of other sentient beings and cruel.  It seems the industry of farming has gone factory and the cruelty has gone to a whole new scale, to damage the very environment it relies on. <sigh>

Star Dust

What a lovely display of dancers, being all sparkly and wonderful last night at the Small World Theatre.  Rose and Mel did a great job of putting this hafla on, with many others helping make it work:  lovelies doing a raffle, others providing food for the dancers and a stall with refreshments for the audience.  Talking of stalls, there was some with costumes and dance knick-knacks, including a display of some very professional dance costumes from Zara’s Zouk a mother (Sandra) and daughter (Zara) team.

Beautiful friends, family and colleagues together, all talented with the ability to get up there and share the joy of dancing with each other and an audience.  Thankful that myself and my daughter could join in and enjoy such a jolly event.  There is a Facebook page for those who wish to support the group Dragonfly Dance.


We’re all made out of star dust.

Worcester Cruelty Free Fair

TODAY from 10.30am to 4.00pm

Worcester Guildhall, High St, Worcester WR1 2EY
Go and enjoy a nice day out in the company of kindness personified and buy something through compassion.  This event is organised by Worcester Vegans and Veggies.