I didn’t get it

I didnt get playing with dolls


New cache!

If you know about Geocaching, you will understand the title and basically I hid a new cache and it is up and running this morning.  If you don’t know what I am on about, please find out about Geocaching.  It’s a great way to find out about places you find yourself living in, travelling through, with fun for kids (of all ages) and doesn’t cost a thing.

geocachingI personally don’t use a GPS (Global Positioning System) but Google Earth to locate each cache using the coordinates, then go to the place to find it and sign the log with my grandchildren.


We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx


Some will realise, I’ve been reading about Mao Zedong / Mao Tse Tung.  I can tell you, it has been a very, very, very dismal read!!!  I mean it start out good, if all I read was going to be about the ideology attributed to the man:

uprightness, kindness and greatness… taking people and liberating them from material desires so they can be free and natural people.  ~ sorry, I’m not at liberty to say where I read this, because for some reason I’ve acquired a memory like a sieve now (probably self preservation, to help my sanity after reading about the horrors).

Anyways, these ideologies were so compelling (and for some, they still are) that at the time of them, they turned people into such dreadful single minded worshipers of one man.  It wasn’t just statues, posters and place names.  The belief in this one man was so horrifically forced onto others [[[FAIL]]] people were brain washed [[[FAIL]]] coerced (many tortured) [[[FAIL]]] and/or killed (around 30 million during the “purge”) [[[BIG FAIL]]].  Such horrors done in a name of an ideology of ‘uprightness, kindness and greatness…’ which will always be a [[[BLOODY BIG FAIL]]].

I wonder what the free and natural people of China are thinking now?

Practice laughing

Laugh to strengthen your immune system as it will boost your T cells, increase your energy, diminish pain by releasing endorphins, lower your blood pressure and protects you from the damaging effects of stress hormones!  PrettyOh and it’s fun, free and makes our face look and feel pretty.

Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!” and that’s fine with me.  It involves a practice of prolonged voluntary laughter in a group, with eye contact and playfulness between participants.  It’s based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter.  Only trust me, forced laughter soon turns real and highly contagious!  However, to get my giggle off to a flying start, I sometimes take a looksee at stuff like a few Laughing Babies or sit and relax watching the beloved comedian Sarah Millican.  With a “HAHA!” here and a “HEHE!” there…

So here’s a bit of a heads up my lovelies:  This next Sunday is World Laughter Day.  Celebrated on the first Sunday of May EVERY YEAR, it’s focus is on peace and to build up a global consciousness of friendship.


Freely happy

Moving beyond the primitive notion of exchange, of barter, of the dreaded money cycle, then aiming towards doing things that make ourselves and each other freely happy.  Surely this is a good thing?  Surely this is nothing new I’m typing here?   When we have the opportunity to do something for nothing, because we have no need of being rewarded, but that the something that we do is reward enough, this my friend is a happy thing, a freely happy place to be, right?

ActionThere is much peace to be had, by acknowledging to ourselves, those things we do for no gain, but there’s a gain of knowing that what we have done was done freely.

I repeat:  There is much happy thoughts to be had and kept safe, by acknowledging those things we’ve done for no gain, but the gain of knowing that what we have done was done freely.

Paid work is paid work, volunteering is special and an action that’s kind, is a kinder action to hold onto in the heart.  Love

State of grace

I just made the best smoothie ever so far.  I drank it with a packet of cheap ready salted, plain crisps.  It was absolutely delish!!!  The smoothie had:  3 strawberries, a slice of cantaloupe melon, a small banana, a spoonful of manuka honey, a squirt of lemon juice and topped up with cooled boiled water.  I’m sure this healthy smoothie will help me gain back better health after that dreadful cold.  No, I’m not a “vegan” I can see that.  I’m not religious, I know that.  Not saying “God” I just feel so blessed that I could do this and enjoy it.  Thank you universe, I feel in a state of grace, appreciating the crisps and the smoothie.