We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx


What is it now?

Is it:

  • Feed a cold and starve a fever or
  • Starve a cold and feed a fever or
  • Drink and eat sensibly when and what you can

Anyway, last week, while they stopped over, one of the grandchildren had a snotty cold.  I made him plenty of fresh strawberry and banana smoothies.  Read on if you have the mind to or stop here.  The cold didn’t stop him from playing at the park.  His energy levels never seem to dwindle.  Occasionally when he sneezed, it was far more than a tissue could cope with, way past his chin.  Swinging the dangled green goo, he ran laughing and at this point I imagine you might be saying:  “Thanks for sharing that!!” 😀

What is it now?  I’ll tell you what it is now:  My ruddy turn to cope with a dreadful snotty cold!  I’m currently using rolls and rolls of tissue on my nose and sipping water to combat a tickly throat.  Will I be running about?  Not likely!  What is it now, is me thinking towards my beloved lively, happy grandchild:  “Thanks for sharing that!!”  😀

Zipp.s. and now a headache too.

So, did my beloved grandson actually get a headache and still run around, going again and again and again on the ruddy zipline?

Kids are so resilient, don’t you think?

p.p.s. 3 hours later and now a temperature too!!!

I’ve been in bed most of today reading other people’s blogs…  Sick of this now, if I wasn’t so bloody weak…

Last note:  I slept very little, a bit like being seated on a train that stopped at many stations.  Sleep, snore, wake to blow nose, sip water, go back to sleep…  I think I’ll live though, after all it is only a ruddy cold “sneeze!”  😀