Haiku “Time”

Lives parallel timed mine,

As I live my life,

Time lives parallel to me.



Is it really all relative?  Is it time?  Does the ground beneath my feet actually feel the same as the ground beneath yourn?  Is it all relative?

TC4 Shoot Across The Sky

Well the Earth is going to have another asteroid whizzzz pass and this one is named TC4.  Some will talk about how we could prepare {{{BIG MENTAL LAUGH}}} and all I can think of is how it is none of my business when the universe reshuffles my shape and of course I got the need to blog a Japanese Haiku Poem in its honour:


We’d need more than a hard hat

“FORE!” TC tom cat

Pass peaceful pretty dingbat


Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend


Ewe’s lament


Sad, sad times, as each child is taken.

It doesn’t have to be this way, as humans really do NOT need to eat the flesh of other sentient beings!  Those poor young mothers, as their children get taken each year and sometimes twice in one year the lambs are grieved, as [Humanity Fails] again and again.

As for farmers and bloody “suppliers”, these are sentient beings NOT a harvest or crop!



I tend to be daunted

Offer kindly some sweet sugar

I then attend to bee

 ~ ~ ~ C)))<

Note:  Always give sugar water to tired bees not honey, as the honey given might have something in it that would not agree with that bee.