Done what?

nothing all day



We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx


Here’s a random happy word for you:  Runcation.  The original meaning of the word apparently was the act of weeding, but nowadays in America it’s the mix of Running and Vacation.  Ooo, here’s a thought:  What if someone had a holiday running round a field of weeds in these, surely that would satisfy both meanings, right?


As I was blogging “sticky~backed~plastic”  I recalled my mum using it and so as not to make my blog post a massive long one, here I scheduled this bit of sharing for you now:

Dad used to grow specific flowers that mother could use for her pressed flowers.  She would place loo roll in strips in the centre of newspapers, putting the flowers individually on so as they didn’t touch each other, face down, then fold the pages back and popped the lot under the carpet.  Pressed flower picture making was one thing, but she also attached the flowers to those big boxes of matchboxes using UHU glue, then cover them over with the see~through version of sticky~backed~plastic.  So pretty they looked and the box kept drier.  People bought them and money flowed our way.  I have to say, our mother was resourceful when it was ways of making a bob or two, I’ll give her that.

escapeThrough all these small creative things, mum made enough money for us to escape that end of terrace in the midlands for an off~to~the~seaside break still in the UK.  Oh what adventures we had from the inside of an old caravan or “shalay“.   Dad never came with us, because being an ex~navy officer he said he’d already been all around the world more than twice and wanted to stay at home.  So me, mum, my nephews, friends…  all buggered off and let him have some peace to potter around doing a spot of DIY.

Getting away always meant more opportunities to get into childhood trouble, away from the busy eyes.  {{{smirk}}} I will tell you a bit about the adventures another day, maybe?

Working holiday

NTI didn’t know, but I just read that the National Trust offers working holidays.

Here’s the main link I found:  NTworkhols

Here’s the holiday types:  NTholtypes

Terms and conditions:  NTterms

Previously I have taken holiday time out to research National Trust sites in Wales, with regard their interpretive panels and displays.  Always a good idea to keep up to date with things you are interested in and provide work opportunities.