Not all great things take time, some just happen to come into existence to beautify and joyfully make our days so much better.

GreatGreat things that do take time, sometimes give joy, hope and totally beautify our days as they come into existence.

However, I’ve noticed that what some perceive as a great thing, a thing to strive for, well the day after it has passed, just like anything else, it becomes nothing.

Change is a constant.

Time always moves us on.





Dance cane

Belly dance caneI was looking at YouTube to find a way to make a belly dance cane out of a garden bamboo cane, especially bending that little bit at the top.  I want to not waste/spend money on some import from hundreds of miles away.   However, I wasn’t successful for that, but found and loved this YouTube clip, all about bending really thick pieces of bamboo 90 degrees:

How to Bend Bamboo in a 90 degree angle

In the meantime I’m going to try soaking the ends of the garden canes in boiling water, see if that softens it enough to bend them round something, then letting them cool and dry.  I get the feeling this might work, might, perhaps?  As for the painting and decorating bit, well that will be a breeze and a joy.  Finally hitting the floor and twirling it over my head like a loon dancing of course!

Wait, wait, reforming ideas, now I’ve just found a winning dance without the saidi canes having to be curved at the end:

Nawar group dancing saidi-iraqi dance

This also made me want to never cut my hair again and use it in future as a prop!

Straight saidi dance canes

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Squeeze the dayBe happy now, squeeze joy onto this sunny or drab day, like you would if you could via a tube like that of toothpaste, get to the very last ruddy drop and squeeze the joy out of the damn thing, dance, if not in your body in your mind and be compassionate, be joy, be amazing! Yay!!

Carpe Diem! Damn it, Carpe Diem!!


Do you ever wonder about who might have stood where you are standing, but in the past?  Maybe looking out across the landscape or some waters, the sight of which could have been a moment of sheer joy or tragic sadness.

It’s what we are thinking about at any point in time that makes the view happy, sad, joyous, tragic… and yet a little dog would take it all in for what potential it has to explore and I admire their ability to be momental (important, relating to the moment and/or momentum).