A wonderful opportunity

bogiesLiving on this planet, especially residing in the UK, well it can provide a wonderful opportunity to watch others on YouTube years ago, pop into a nice, peaceful, quiet library to say:



Happy “……………..”

Greetings of Happy for this beautiful time of year.  I have been busy being myself and enjoying playing at being other creatures also (I love a bit of dressing up I do).  More than a couple of celebrations attended, where I enjoyed dancing to an audience on stage, being silly at parties and last night offering vegan sweets to the local door knockers (where I seem to have scared one adult attendee at my door “Mwahahahaaaar!”).  I loved that the family had a book of jokes and had the children ready to read one or two for those welcoming them at the doors (almost like carol singers for autumn).

As for thinking of those that have left this mortal coil, I often do that in my day to day life.  Little reminders of their ways, their loving interactions and how they would be if still with us in the flesh.  Maybe call it Halloween or Samhain or All Saints Day…, but whatever you celebrate I wish you  Happy.

Oops someone made a boob:  Sorry to say that I had to make a scene at the local Body Shop Carmarthen yesterday (I know, who would of thought I would have to do that there?).  You see the staff had took it on themselves to leave out open bowls of gelatine sweets in several places at child level.  At first I gasped and said quietly to the assistant next to me that I wasn’t happy about seeing meat products in the Body Shop.  Her reaction was something like “Sorry to have offended you”.  I was with someone and was helping them decide on some products so at first that was a priority.  Once a moment came, I then explained to the assistants why it wasn’t the place for such things, as the Body Shop was based on being a true ethical against animal cruelty shop.  I then asked nicely if they would put them away.  One of the assistants said they would put them behind the counter and buy some vegan sweets to offer children as a choice.  I’m not one to believe on face value someone’s word, so after we left the shop and had done something in another shop, we went back to check and guess what:  The gelatine sweets were still in place all over the shop!  So of course I stand right in the middle near the counter of the Body Shop saying in a really, really loud voice:  “IF YOU DON’T REMOVE THESE GELATINE SWEETS NOW, I WILL PLACE A PIGS TROTTER ON THE COUNTER, AS THOSE SWEETS ARE MADE OF THE SAME THING AND THAT IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE BODY SHOP ETHICS!”  and you know something, I’m not sure how… ? anyways, I’m not shopping in the Body Shop again (that’s the least I can do).

~How are you

New cache!

If you know about Geocaching, you will understand the title and basically I hid a new cache and it is up and running this morning.  If you don’t know what I am on about, please find out about Geocaching.  It’s a great way to find out about places you find yourself living in, travelling through, with fun for kids (of all ages) and doesn’t cost a thing.

geocachingI personally don’t use a GPS (Global Positioning System) but Google Earth to locate each cache using the coordinates, then go to the place to find it and sign the log with my grandchildren.

Vaccines and medicine

I didn’t get vaccinated as a child and got everything I think from the common cold, throat infections every year all the way to chicken pox and beyond.  So, then later as a parent, I got to thinking things through at the time and also didn’t let my first three (born very close together) be vaccinated and of course sods law: They all got whooping cough to start with (one decided to drink a whole bottle of medication from the mantlepiece, while me and the doctor where chatting, the sneaky little hobbitses ~ so off to A&E to empty his stomach of the stuff).  Then a few years later all three got the measles. It was horrific.  DawnDosing them up with paracetamol suspension for children, getting them to drink lots of water, sponging them down to keep cool, keeping the curtains closed and a blanket over that too to stop any light getting in (because they actually screamed at even a crack of sunlight like vampires!) and still one of them was so ill he could have died, but they couldn’t risk moving him.  Mum came to help the with the around the clock nursing. “Thanks Mum/Granma”.  So of course when the other came along, they got vaccinated and never seem to get anything, tough little beggers too.

We try our best for our kids.  We make decisions at the time that are right for that time, based on what we can find out and that is all we can do.  Our decisions are good to go at the time and that’s how it is.  Maybe back then if I had vaccinated them, it could have been the wrong choice and the vaccine might have been a bad batch.  No regrets.  No one needs go back in time, because for one thing it doesn’t now exist.  The past has passed.  The future is not a guarantee.  Living as best we can, happy in the here and now is one of the best vaccines /medicine anyone can take. 



peanutI recall the times as a youngster, well before the fear of heights, when I would quite gladly go and sit in the gods of the theatre to watch a play or dance or listen to the music practise.  Maybe me and my companion would be a right naughty pair during a performance and throw a half peanut down onto someone’s head below.  So sorry folks it wasn’t a ghost of the building or special effects, it was us theatre kids.

🙂 🙂

Gods = The top most deck of an old style British theatre, that was mostly only available to roam by cast, cast family and friends.  Oh and we would be up there to start the “Booooo!” off when a baddy came on the stage.

😦 😦

p.s.  So of course I believe in the gods, I’ve been there to laugh my head off!


I’ve no formal training as a professional artist, only  a couple of degree modules looking into fine art and public sculpture (ahem, yet I recall getting merit and distinction).  I got good marks for both subjects overall and enjoyed the creativity involved.

The module of fine art looked into the various artists and we studied their work.  Whereas the public sculpture module went into all sorts of aspects including balance and safety of large pieces.  We even got to make a maquette (small mock up) of a sculpture we would make if we had the chance.  If I had been able to make the sculpture, it would have looked a bit like this:

Public Sculpture MaquetteMy maquette was made in a fast drying clay, then painted with nail varnish and placed into a scene made of cardboard.  It represented a huge sculpture that if I could, would have been created for just outside a safe house for street kids, Mexico.  You see I had been reading about how the street kids had been killed right outside the gate of a building in question, by police!

I decided that the sculpture could be made physically strong enough to withstand a car attempting to run down a child or stop bullets.  At least long enough perhaps, for the volunteers to open the gates and get the child into safety.

My thinking about the artistic side, was that not only did it represent the child (painted golden metallic in the middle) but the protective nature of the house and those who volunteered in it.

Empathy shopping

“Stop running around. Stay here.” An irritated look. Something like frustration, exasperation, helplessness. “Don’t touch that! No, we’re not getting candy.” The mom in front of me in line gets more and more agitated. I see a frown on her face, her lips tighten. I hear her voice rise and speed up. She clenches to […]

via Empathy in the supermarket — Empathy works. It always does.

What is it now?

Is it:

  • Feed a cold and starve a fever or
  • Starve a cold and feed a fever or
  • Drink and eat sensibly when and what you can

Anyway, last week, while they stopped over, one of the grandchildren had a snotty cold.  I made him plenty of fresh strawberry and banana smoothies.  Read on if you have the mind to or stop here.  The cold didn’t stop him from playing at the park.  His energy levels never seem to dwindle.  Occasionally when he sneezed, it was far more than a tissue could cope with, way past his chin.  Swinging the dangled green goo, he ran laughing and at this point I imagine you might be saying:  “Thanks for sharing that!!” 😀

What is it now?  I’ll tell you what it is now:  My ruddy turn to cope with a dreadful snotty cold!  I’m currently using rolls and rolls of tissue on my nose and sipping water to combat a tickly throat.  Will I be running about?  Not likely!  What is it now, is me thinking towards my beloved lively, happy grandchild:  “Thanks for sharing that!!”  😀

Zipp.s. and now a headache too.

So, did my beloved grandson actually get a headache and still run around, going again and again and again on the ruddy zipline?

Kids are so resilient, don’t you think?

p.p.s. 3 hours later and now a temperature too!!!

I’ve been in bed most of today reading other people’s blogs…  Sick of this now, if I wasn’t so bloody weak…

Last note:  I slept very little, a bit like being seated on a train that stopped at many stations.  Sleep, snore, wake to blow nose, sip water, go back to sleep…  I think I’ll live though, after all it is only a ruddy cold “sneeze!”  😀