Sortalike meditation

Beloved reading this, when you get stressed out big time and all you can know is that you are still breathing.

breathing meditation

World earthI found helpful to make myself physically as comfortable as possible or accept what~is, then imagine that in each breath going out that the love of the universe is flowing out and as I breathed in the love from other sentient beings and of the universe was flowing in.  I have invited friends (some I have only just met) to do the same and whether stressed or not, maybe you can too?  I think maybe it is sort a like meditation?




frienemyIf you find yourself devaluing what a friend is sharing, belittling them, being unsupportive of their moral stances, undermining their efforts, giving false dress codes to a function, are non-compliant of previously set boundaries and basically being a draining one~way street, you’re being a frienemy.  Please stop that shit or you will have no real friends left and will not be able to keep new ones for long.  Start by listening and valuing the ethics of others, support their stance, keep shtum about things the other person has entrusted to you, respect boundaries and FFS did I mention NOT to tittle~tattle.

Also if you recognise some of these traits in your friends, then you’ve got an infestation of frienemies.  I suggest you be grateful for the discernment and make a choice:

  • One is to end the relationship soon, before they tell someone something that can land you in the dangerously deep, hard to get out of, slimy, stinking shit!
  • Another more gracious approach is to keep the frienemy by careful management e.g. never passing on information, giving them a taste of mercy by remaining in their life (but I’m not personally sure at this present time how that is achievable, I might need to work on that).

A strange yet enlightening time is had, when you ask the universe to protect you from your enemies and you start losing friends.

Post Script:  Inoculation boosters against pain from a frienemy are friends.

Resources and responsibility


Resources in black and white..Ponder what resources am I talking about, well maybe it’s:  Physical attributes, charm, kindness, compassion… or vegan recipes, permaculture knowledge, spare land, soil, saved seeds from the plants you let go to seed…  that push bike or material scraps, a potato peeler, money…  family and friends connections…  I invite you to ponder what resources you are accountable for.  Seriously, ponder what they are, waste not and please do the best you can with it or give it to someone else who you know that can.

You might like to make your own list to reflect over.Responsibility in black and white..


self‘Alone I do not suffer, because I’m at home with myself and like the way I’ve decorated the place in kind and compassionate thoughts.’ Bexy 6.23am 20th November 2017

This was going to be published this morning, but the battery on the laptop drained.  Here it is now though.


Tree person?

With places you hate to live, with that I say you’re NOT a tree, pull up the roots and move!

Fast forward treeAs for others, don’t try to teach a hurting, self-absorbed person how to be kind.  First, try to be kind to them to stop their pain, then show them how they could be kind when the pressure has gone.  If however nothing changes and you can and actually want to quit, then I say “Make like a tree and leave!”


Happy World Kindness Day

Kindness:  To be helpful towards others in need, to be considerate towards others and compassionate towards oneself…

Today’s the day to celebrate kindness and to be kind, woohoo!World Kindness Day

P.S.  A poem created this Monday morning for hubby who gets into work so early, and will be turning on a computer to see what tasks have been set:Poly Kindness


It’s a state of kind

A state of kind

“Shhh!” world and all that SHOULD be stuff,

KeyCOULD is a better word and it’s a state of kind,

When you stay in your own business and compassionate mind.


Well the meaning generally accepted is something along the line:  Lacking feeling or tact for others sensitivity or not being responsive.  How that can suit, to be able to ignore others and get on with life.  A bit like minding your own business, yet to mind our own business, what is that?  Is it taking responsibility of our actions / lack of action?  Surely?  Is it taking notice of the effect of what we do / don’t do and making the best choices to be kind and compassionate?  Pretty much right?  Maybe?

Who says what is sensitive thoughts or truths written insensitively, rude perhaps and anyways, try these out and comment:

A)  Where does compassion come into paying someone to take a child (animal) and murder it, then put that on a menu?

B)  Where is kindness to transport animals in lorries all around the world to their death (sometimes on the journey)? 

C)  You, yes you, can if you put your mind to it, live a healthy life without taking the lives of others, so suck it up and grow a pair.