A wonderful opportunity

bogiesLiving on this planet, especially residing in the UK, well it can provide a wonderful opportunity to watch others on YouTube years ago, pop into a nice, peaceful, quiet library to say:




We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx

Library messages

readreadLeave encouraging post-it notes in library books and other random places, aim them at random strangers.  How lovely to be able to do this, how lovely it would be to receive one.  Best keep this to the most used books in a library, not books you give to the British Red Cross or the Free Book Store, just in case it goes unopened.