I wonder if anyone out there remembers calling little me as a child by my nickname:


I think now I like it, but at the time I didn’t, but that’s life and how childhood flows into adulthood.  I can see how my surname back then was so easily converted and now see the beautiful of cauliflowers.



We all have habits.  I have a few great ones, but I wonder what ones aren’t doing any good and how I can dump that limited time wasteful shit.  I wonder what new ones I could start.  Apparently habits are really powerful, like magical spells that lead us to do the same shit at the ring of a silent bell.  I remember Pavlov and his dogs, but seriously, maybe there’s something in this habit forming thing.  If I could just harness that power.

bangleNotes to self:

  • Get out that pretty bangle with the little bells on and create a new improved habit when hearing them jingle.
  • Get new more powerful silent magical bells to create great new improved habits that create a kinder work.
  • Start using said bells often.

Maybe some of the habits can include clothes.  I might only keep those I can wear comfortably anywhere and stick to wearing them (habitual don’t you think).


frienemyIf you find yourself devaluing what a friend is sharing, belittling them, being unsupportive of their moral stances, undermining their efforts, giving false dress codes to a function, are non-compliant of previously set boundaries and basically being a draining one~way street, you’re being a frienemy.  Please stop that shit or you will have no real friends left and will not be able to keep new ones for long.  Start by listening and valuing the ethics of others, support their stance, keep shtum about things the other person has entrusted to you, respect boundaries and FFS did I mention NOT to tittle~tattle.

Also if you recognise some of these traits in your friends, then you’ve got an infestation of frienemies.  I suggest you be grateful for the discernment and make a choice:

  • One is to end the relationship soon, before they tell someone something that can land you in the dangerously deep, hard to get out of, slimy, stinking shit!
  • Another more gracious approach is to keep the frienemy by careful management e.g. never passing on information, giving them a taste of mercy by remaining in their life (but I’m not personally sure at this present time how that is achievable, I might need to work on that).

A strange yet enlightening time is had, when you ask the universe to protect you from your enemies and you start losing friends.

Post Script:  Inoculation boosters against pain from a frienemy are friends.

Resources and responsibility


Resources in black and white..Ponder what resources am I talking about, well maybe it’s:  Physical attributes, charm, kindness, compassion… or vegan recipes, permaculture knowledge, spare land, soil, saved seeds from the plants you let go to seed…  that push bike or material scraps, a potato peeler, money…  family and friends connections…  I invite you to ponder what resources you are accountable for.  Seriously, ponder what they are, waste not and please do the best you can with it or give it to someone else who you know that can.

You might like to make your own list to reflect over.Responsibility in black and white..

Network tidal wave phenomenon

Does anyone actually believe that when dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripple will be just as strong onto the banks as it was in the centre?  Surely it dissipates and most words do the same, but what about online?

TalkersDo some words online seem to grow like tidal waves that crash into our many innocent online minds?  Without ethics towards others and our environment, Our footprintwhat I will phrase the network tidal wave phenomenon could be being used at this very moment as a weapon to manipulate us.  Bexy for one, does not intend to be driven by the profit-driven few and the megalomaniacs.

My advise is to interconnect with reality as much as possible on a regular.  It’s like putting up levys against any network tidal wave phenomenon.  Don’t you think our realities need to be ready, so we really can LOL!  smileFor the online world is just (‘insubstantial and disconnected glamour’ Borgmann) compared to kneading dough and baking bread, planting an acorn in a pot, washing up whilst looking out at the clouds in the sky, taking a walk just to listen to bird song, smiling for no apparent reason… and the list of positive things to do in life goes on…

Note:  Sorry, but for the life of me, I just cannot remember where I read the Borgmann quote.

Not quitting

It’s not so bad as some people believe, NOT quitting can free up my life for the new moments within the familiar.  I myself am now considering not quitting my volunteer work.  I am still pondering.  It is possible that it is time to NOT move onto something else.

Time will tell how I will spend my efforts and where in the future.  It’s not my business or privy to know the future, but I guess these are some of the big deciding factors:

  • Perceptions of my effectiveness for good within the role
  • If I discern my time and effort is being wasted for mediocre purposes
  • True~self awareness within colleague interactions and if it gets blown out of the water by distressing exchanges, where my psyche gets too much discomfort on a regular and says “#*~ it!”



It’s not so bad as some people believe, quitting can free up your life for the new.  I myself am considering quitting my volunteer work.  I am pondering, it is possible that it is time to move onto something else.

Why chalk?

I chose a chalkboard on wordpress to doodle my blogs on, because it is less professional (as am I at blogging), less permanent looking and more life like (ephemeral, life is ephemeral), plus I do like to use chalk in the real world.  So this is today’s image I doodled myself:

Chalk board this is meI leave the professional looking blogs to those that believe in the virtual world, as I wish to live out here more in the sod growing and only plant a few virtuals here.

Sod:   Soil, earth, mud…  and of course a swear word that currently hasn’t really got a meaning anymore, but is used as a general expletive e.g. “Sod this squeaky wheelbarrow!”


Passing this way

Many people say the expression:

We pass this way only once


World earthand so when I read of someone being distracted whilst driving, ploughing into a group of people helping a dog in the road, killing one of them, I saw it in my mind:  She passed once from this mortal life of being human, helping another sentient being (bless ‘er) and she can no longer suffer.  Other poor souls might torture themselves with imagined details of that moment over and over.  Learn from the information, the message is clear:Listeners

  1. If the phone rings
  2. Turn off the road
  3. Park
  4. Only then answer the phone

I remember when phones were not mobile and how we managed quite adequately.
Peace for this day, don’t waste it reliving another moment, for each moment is unique, passes and we travel this blessed path only once.