Sortalike meditation

Beloved reading this, when you get stressed out big time and all you can know is that you are still breathing.

breathing meditation

World earthI found helpful to make myself physically as comfortable as possible or accept what~is, then imagine that in each breath going out that the love of the universe is flowing out and as I breathed in the love from other sentient beings and of the universe was flowing in.  I have invited friends (some I have only just met) to do the same and whether stressed or not, maybe you can too?  I think maybe it is sort a like meditation?




frienemyIf you find yourself devaluing what a friend is sharing, belittling them, being unsupportive of their moral stances, undermining their efforts, giving false dress codes to a function, are non-compliant of previously set boundaries and basically being a draining one~way street, you’re being a frienemy.  Please stop that shit or you will have no real friends left and will not be able to keep new ones for long.  Start by listening and valuing the ethics of others, support their stance, keep shtum about things the other person has entrusted to you, respect boundaries and FFS did I mention NOT to tittle~tattle.

Also if you recognise some of these traits in your friends, then you’ve got an infestation of frienemies.  I suggest you be grateful for the discernment and make a choice:

  • One is to end the relationship soon, before they tell someone something that can land you in the dangerously deep, hard to get out of, slimy, stinking shit!
  • Another more gracious approach is to keep the frienemy by careful management e.g. never passing on information, giving them a taste of mercy by remaining in their life (but I’m not personally sure at this present time how that is achievable, I might need to work on that).

A strange yet enlightening time is had, when you ask the universe to protect you from your enemies and you start losing friends.

Post Script:  Inoculation boosters against pain from a frienemy are friends.

Network tidal wave phenomenon

Does anyone actually believe that when dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripple will be just as strong onto the banks as it was in the centre?  Surely it dissipates and most words do the same, but what about online?

TalkersDo some words online seem to grow like tidal waves that crash into our many innocent online minds?  Without ethics towards others and our environment, Our footprintwhat I will phrase the network tidal wave phenomenon could be being used at this very moment as a weapon to manipulate us.  Bexy for one, does not intend to be driven by the profit-driven few and the megalomaniacs.

My advise is to interconnect with reality as much as possible on a regular.  It’s like putting up levys against any network tidal wave phenomenon.  Don’t you think our realities need to be ready, so we really can LOL!  smileFor the online world is just (‘insubstantial and disconnected glamour’ Borgmann) compared to kneading dough and baking bread, planting an acorn in a pot, washing up whilst looking out at the clouds in the sky, taking a walk just to listen to bird song, smiling for no apparent reason… and the list of positive things to do in life goes on…

Note:  Sorry, but for the life of me, I just cannot remember where I read the Borgmann quote.

Love and live well

‘At those times where I’ve done small, unremembered acts of kindness, it was at those times I loved and lived well.’ ~ Bexy 6:44am Sunday 19th November 2017

Tintern Abbey Wordsworth.jpg

Cocoa Pumpkin Bake

Taking one pack of ready rolled pastry, I lined the bottom of an oven safe glass tray with it, cooked it a little bit and then using this mixture \/ see below \/ made, filled the tray and cooked slowly all the way through a cocoa pumpkin bake.  When nearly finished I drizzled with rice syrup to make a sticky top.

  • Half a huge organically grown pumpkin out of my sister’s poly tunnel: Seeds out, peeled, cubed, steamed and mushed up fine in a blender while still hot with.
  • Plenty of cocoa powder.
  • Just enough sugar.
  • A blob of Flora vegan marg.

It sorta looks like a chocolate version of a custard slice without the lid and so nommy nom nom nom…  It sorta looks like this:

Pumpkin Tart

However, I’m not having it for breakfast, no that’s gonna be Suma beans and veggie sausages out of a tin from ApprovedFood on some of my homemade sage and onion bread toasted (brought to me any second by my wonderful hubby as an early breakfast in bed).

P.s. Ingredients of pastry vegan.

Best we can

In each wonderful momentNo one can ask of us any more, than to do our best.  Our choices of “best” are built upon what part of our life’s journey we are at in time and our integrity will also play a part.  We are part of life on Earth and we will sometimes do our little best and someone will say we interfered, didn’t do enough, went to far etc…  Sod that, we do our best and that is that.  We are being the best we can at any given point.  I love this video from Colette of Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland, such a beautiful soul, I can relate so much to it:   A tale of life