Self defining

meWell, some people want a label, crave a label and will do all sorts of crap things to be in a group labelled.  Some people on the other hand will label themselves to be seen as an individual.  I on the other hand think labels are far too restrictive, yet if in a corner however, I will for safety reasons define myself with whatever I need to.

I view myself as NOT such a self defining creature and need no label stuck tight  on me.


Why chalk?

I chose a chalkboard on wordpress to doodle my blogs on, because it is less professional (as am I at blogging), less permanent looking and more life like (ephemeral, life is ephemeral), plus I do like to use chalk in the real world.  So this is today’s image I doodled myself:

Chalk board this is meI leave the professional looking blogs to those that believe in the virtual world, as I wish to live out here more in the sod growing and only plant a few virtuals here.

Sod:   Soil, earth, mud…  and of course a swear word that currently hasn’t really got a meaning anymore, but is used as a general expletive e.g. “Sod this squeaky wheelbarrow!”