‘now your o’nions

Opinion onion



Traffic light facesSo, in my past I have been oblivious and repeated hurtful words I knew nothing about.  I think there must have been times I have been insensitive without knowing, probably repeating things that have offended others.  Sadly it could very well happen again (but I truly and sincerely hope not).

I have also been on the receiving end of hateful racism (yet maybe previously I might have been too dull, to take it in as being aimed at me and I am so thankful for that youthful innocent dullness back-in-the-day).

JudgementalBasically, I have been judged by others and myself as being X, Y & Z and of course I’ve judged others much more easily as also being just as X, Y & Z!!!

So here’s a statement that might give a few ideas that pokes the mindSET bubble, to maybe incite some giggles and hopefully make some scratch their head in thought:

I’ve got to work on my racism against racists, but I’ve not quite been able to truly stop being so very judgemental against the judgemental, especially when they are judgemental against the self and the precious myself!!!


Notes on the meaning of the word [Oblivious]

  1. A learnt response to a situation (sad to say, this is my usual explanation)
  2. Unaware of things not yet learned e.g. Manners Timothy!” ~ Sorry Mother”.
  3. Blanking out things, because they don’t fit with a set of moral codes attempting to live by (usually religion causes this don’t you think?)  
  4. Too concerned, totally absorbed and mindFULL of one set of perceived needs of those we want the closest to us, to actually be able to be sensitive to other subtle perceived needs of those we perceive to be less close to us and maybe right in front of us (I currently think this is the saddest, most dangerous growth restricting obliviousness known to the human race) 😦

Here’s to being mindful in the best possible way, in kindness for all, as some are not on the same path of compassion yet and need a bit more time to mature.