Secret prop

World earthI love that I eventually worked out how something is done and what obvious traditional prop is involved etc…  It has taken me hours, but that now I know, I couldn’t possibly tell anyone, because I want to use the same prop and do the same thing to amaze an audience and make them go “Ooooo”.  The world is a stage and all those in the cast and the audience are in need of peaceful, natural and happy things.



Threats perceived

Perceived threat mildWe’re all going to react to threats in different ways.

How we react will be an indication of where we are in relation to the threat,

who we are at the time and how we perceive everything.

Perceived threat massive

The threat suddenly appears or creeps up to us and we will react.

There is then a great need to perceive things as compassionately as possible

and not to waste any time we have, living in fear or being cruel.  World earth

Two words with their differences and yet the same:  World / Earth.   Two words with their differences and yet the same:  Me / You.

I feel that anyone who knows how to keep the sanctity of peace around them, please step up your game.

Peace of Space

SkyTo crave a “peace” of space to call their own as others sit alone who have got just that.

As many have sang:

From a distance we all have enough
And no one is in need
And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease
No hungry mouths to feed

From a distance you look like my friend
Even though we are at war
From a distance I just cannot comprehend
What all this fighting is for

Here it is in full From a distance sung by Bette Midler

TC4 Shoot Across The Sky

Well the Earth is going to have another asteroid whizzzz pass and this one is named TC4.  Some will talk about how we could prepare {{{BIG MENTAL LAUGH}}} and all I can think of is how it is none of my business when the universe reshuffles my shape and of course I got the need to blog a Japanese Haiku Poem in its honour:


We’d need more than a hard hat

“FORE!” TC tom cat

Pass peaceful pretty dingbat


Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend



Until this afternoon I will not know what type of waste wooden off cuts are being delivered.  Will they be pieces I can upcycle and make things with or to burn and keep me warm during the winter?  I’m happy with the unknown.

The unknown becomes clear in it’s own time. 

I am the same with other things to do with the future, the future of me, the future of my family and friends and also with the universe.  I will be or not be and I don’t feel the need to Shakespeare an impertinent question at the unknown.

Against the tide

loveGiggling is an act of love for one’s self, that also in the right place, at the right time can be an act of love for others.  Dance also can have the knock on effect for others that have eyes to see how dance joys the soul.

Yet to stand out against the tide of unkind and the cruel is such an act of love for others, but it most definitely has the knock on effect of pouring love back.

The when, the where…  it’s sometimes set, it’s sometimes spontaneous…  but it is best practised on a regular basis.  For to change this world of humans from the route they are taking, takes more than just one act, it takes a series of acts within a lifetime:

  1. Peaceful kind thoughts
  2. Kind actions to one’s self and others e.g. not consuming other sentient beings
  3. Standing up against the tide of unpeacefulness and cruelty in a peaceful way
  4. Repeat from 1.



The gift of peace in each moment, I can glean it from here and from there,
But if I take it by anger from others, I’ll not [Keep it safe], so beware!

I’ve looked down the back of the settee, I’ve looked in that draw full of crap,
When I find that peace is missing, I just might be needing a nap?

The breath of peace is a gift, I claim it as naturally mine,
When I’ve lost it, be kind, Hit me not with a stick, but treat it as a divine.

Sentient religiously

Being kind includes the option to [Trash] comments and [Reblog] posts and today this appeals to me.

p.s.  Unless your site is set to [Private anyone in or outside of the community can follow your blog.  However, I also just found out today (Sunday), that if a person is commenting on your site and you wish it to end, you have the option to add them to your [Comments Blacklist].


ReligionIt is so much more easy to be tolerant of religious people, if they are kind to other sentient beings.

‘The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.’ ― Mahatma Gandhi

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