Pondering on a few different views on this word: “Home”.   How it’s sometimes a place with feelings attached or memories or how people make us feel like we’re “Home”…  It’s truly open to interpretation.  Not necessarily a place, but maybe just where we’re free to make a mess or forget ourselves and be silly.  bedI think it’s a sure thing when we feel comfortable to be able to sleep and secure enough to stay that way for enough sleep time!

For some it’s the familiarity to possessions surrounding them and that equals “Home”.  I’m not so attached to things, but find I don’t like wasting items that could be useful.  I don’t necessarily have any [Collection], but it could seem that way.

Front doorMostly I feel at home with imperfections and always seeming to have one or two projects away from being completed:  A paint job, a corner full of stuff to sort, seedlings growing in the window…  This is perhaps why I feel so sad when I see someone who has a “Home” that’s totally tidy and complete.  Yet some would hate not to feel sorted and would hate to live with my unfinished projects.

Oh how we’re all different!



mallowI Googled “Prayer” the other day, just to check my preconceived notions on it. It seems that although I might not do the solemn or religious part of requests for help or expressions of thanks that seems the norm, closing eyes, hands thingy etc… and I’m pretty sure I’m not addressing it to a particular god, gods or any another deity… (even though I’m pretty sure there’s more than meets the eyes to this life), anywho, I find my earnest hopes and wishes when I ask nicely in love, well they seldomly go without some sort of answer and that I’m thankful for I guess.  You see, I don’t actually do religion.  I’ve tried it, tested a few (was a sister in what I now see as boarderline cult) and it seems the moment you seek out spiritually, well you become vulnerable to being lead up the garden path by other humans.  Maybe what I do is prayer, maybe not, maybe I don’t give a flying [PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FILL IN THE BLANK].  Bless you.

Vegan options

i-am-veganTo get everyone to try vegan options (in small steps or huge leaps) we might need to stop making it so [ALL OR NOTHING!]  To end vegan being so exclusive, so almost unobtainable…  Therefore, I’m letting go of the label [Vegan] from myself and opting for a more inclusive approach and to ask what are the vegan options for the table, to open up the discussions in kindness whenever possible (some say it is always possible).  My wish is to get others to think about implications, without using labels on myself and others.  To encourage others to support actions (in small ways or big) against cruelty.  I know I cannot stop it all.  I know there’re so many people unaware that I don’t want to alienate them from becoming more aware.  So basically, I’m going to attempt changes in the way I say things.  Like instead of “I am a vegan” to “Show me the vegan options for us please?”

vegan-options-pleaseSomething along the line of attempting to be more inclusive of everyone, to help to get everyone on board the train of thought: [Kindness] and to not say that to change you have to be a part of an exclusive club of what comes across as a bunch of very angry zealots (and yes I know I can be that too).  Oh Gordon Bennett I know I’m going on, but oh how the label “Vegan” becomes a sort of purity competition!!!  I mean, it not only alienates those that have not yet tried one morsel of vegan food, not even a nibble, but I’ve seen it make the most thoughtful, sensitive, lovely soul feel inadequate, not good enough, not doing enough…  stressed, depressed and on the flippin edge!  Come back beloveds, please!!

I’ve also noticed that some use the sentence “I am a vegan” as a defensive statement, when what they intend to say could be  “Please don’t open up that discussion, I’m aware of the horrors of such cruelty, it really, really, really, upsets me and the other people will react, and at the moment I can’t or don’t want to open up that bag of bloody worms… Thank you.”  and I do appreciate the situation and their intentions of kindness to themselves and the others.  So, I can do schtum sometimes, because there’s maybe going to be a better time and a better place to bring up the subject, maybe?

Oh but then, I just remember the other side of the coin, that horrible moment that someone in a group, as soon as they hear “I am a vegan” they start to ridicule and upset the one who utters it.  That just makes me so “ggrrrrr mutter mutter mutter” and here is where I will attempt to end the post before I type a few choice expletives, as I did tell you I can do angry, but I am trying to be kinder, honest and anyways..  Then again, I don’t like to waste an opportunity when it presents itself, so sometimes I do bring out my “ggrrrrrRRRRRR!!!!” and stand up to be counted.

You see, who doesn’t want to help in the evolvement of humane~ity into kindness (the meat industry for one).  Beloved one, be the change you want to see in the world.



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Deep Green Permaculture

Here’s a great video on biochar by Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando that shows what a difference biochar makes to plants, people and the planet!

Wae Nelson was employed as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industries for many years, working both as a designer and as a manager in manufacturing. Now he publishes the magazine beloved by local gardeners, Florida Gardening, and pursues his passion for biochar — a diy, scalable technique to both improve horticultural yields and sequester carbon simultaneously.


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