I didn’t get it

I didnt get playing with dolls


Trying it on

I’m already happily wrapped in a sort of pink, but sometimes I try on practicality, handsomely made, comfort and/or a sort of eclectic happy style.

Me trying on clothes

Trying it on

I think I know perhaps who I am,

I think I know my eclectic, happy style,

but in reality I know and see,

I’m my best with just a smile.



the boat treeI just had a recall moment as I woke:

Climbing the big ol’ oak tree that had split into growing two ways, we liked to call it “The Boat Tree” and play from each side, but thanks to google earth zoom, see it still exists with a heck of a large girth. the boat tree girth increase


Just right

I’ve seen some fancy looking cardboard box cat homes in my time, from wigwams, castles, tin foil covered rockets to kissing booths, but that I think my cat being an original, just appreciates an original.

catHowever, shape and size matters! and just like the story of the three bears:
[] ~ not too small
[____] ~ not too big
[_] ~ just right

Play time with a little bit of paper and zzzZZZZzzzzz



Kip 2nd!

When it is cold outside, frosty, wind blowing a gale or maybe if you just feel cold thinking about it, there are choices:

Tradition dictates to dance naked around your room, but maybe plan something different like swimming in Narberth pool; Clean the oven; Sing in front of a mirror the sound of music “My Favourite things” with a pillowcase for a nun’s wimple; Phone family or friends to tell them how much you love them; Peel an orange in-one-go and eat it with chopsticks; Clear out your wardrobe and bag up for the Red Cross charity shop; Re-read your favorite book and make notes; Watch a movie under the duvet on the sofa; Cook bread; email; Do a puzzle; Make an indoor tent from the sheets even if you’re well over 50 we’re still all kids at heart; Craft something from your waste paper that looks like an animal; Turn all technology off and play a board game or cards… or just have a kip first. snow

Oh and of course put another jumper on and some nice warm socks if indoors, but you could always add gloves, scarf and a coat, then maybe go outside if it is snowing and make an angel or sculpt something… and just have a kip second!

Play home

I thought all kids (and cats) loved to play in a cardboard box.  These playhouses using recycled paper plates, (edges to make tiles and middles as sweets) and paint, lots and lots of bright paint…Play homeSome say making a home is an art, but maybe it is a journey…  a place evolving with paints and colours and sweets (oh yes sweets make a home) and maybe becoming cluttered with things that add meaning to make you feel all cosy and there’s nowt wrong with that.  Tidy show houses can clear off!