Haiku “Time”

Lives parallel timed mine,

As I live my life,

Time lives parallel to me.



Is it really all relative?  Is it time?  Does the ground beneath my feet actually feel the same as the ground beneath yourn?  Is it all relative?


Anti-heckle Poem

For some reason, I was attempting to find the soothsayer from Up Pompeii and failed.  In the meantime looking at some YouTube of the series I enjoyed cringing at the odes.  I also recalled Manny, a relative of Frankie Howerd who was a dear friend to my mother, but didn’t actually like me (you cannot win them all).

So, anyways I felt the need to do something Up Pompeii ode~like: Ode to Dancers in the Park

Note:  It’s a poetic attempt at satire from that era.

Trying it on

I’m already happily wrapped in a sort of pink, but sometimes I try on practicality, handsomely made, comfort and/or a sort of eclectic happy style.

Me trying on clothes

Trying it on

I think I know perhaps who I am,

I think I know my eclectic, happy style,

but in reality I know and see,

I’m my best with just a smile.


Clever little vamp

bloodyUnlike some medical persons who sometimes cannot find a vein (I’m not talking my veins thankfully) a mosquito has drank some of my blood in just the right place and made it itch like crazy.  Usually in my biodiverse garden the toad, frogs and newts take out the mosquito larvae and bats take out what’s left, but one must have got past security!

Clever little vamp

Your anti-clotting agent makes me really itch,

I do not like you mozzy dear,

You blood sucking little bitch!



I’ve inherited a big box of wild fern and garden flowers,

That my ol’ mum picked, pressed and it took her hours,

They’re old, but okay and so I can see,

I could be making things from these for an eternity.


An impressive collection from over some years,

That to recall some memories of mother, could bring on a few tears,

But that there’s a pretty, profitable and crafty job to do,

Not to waste them, but to create nice things for both me and perhaps some for you?


~ mallow ~