How old am I?

Apparently it would be rude to ask a lady her age.

Without a label

I am the age you think I am,

I am an age I am,

Only can’t decide myself the age,

A label for madam.


The age from eyes that see,

Or what she wants to be?

Each moment brings the age she is,

For this madam’s age free.




Happy World Kindness Day

Kindness:  To be helpful towards others in need, to be considerate towards others and compassionate towards oneself…

Today’s the day to celebrate kindness and to be kind, woohoo!World Kindness Day

P.S.  A poem created this Monday morning for hubby who gets into work so early, and will be turning on a computer to see what tasks have been set:Poly Kindness


It’s a state of kind

A state of kind

“Shhh!” world and all that SHOULD be stuff,

KeyCOULD is a better word and it’s a state of kind,

When you stay in your own business and compassionate mind.

Shout when necessary

I found the need to use large print in my last blog, please read and ponder my words shouted on screen.

I find shouting is sometimes necessary, even if you are a lover of peace and quiet.  At this point in time, good people are out trying to prevent the unnecessary murder of our wildlife [Thank You], some who can’t go there kindly Donating fuel money [Thank You]…  Paul Caton painted and donated the art money.  What part do you play in the preservation of our beloved wildlife be it badgers, foxes…?


Twilit is the time to calm not kill

Shout When Necessary

I so prefer peace and calm,

I love when it’s oh so quiet,

But sometimes when needed love,

I’ll shout the odds like in a bloody riot.


p.s. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

Upcycle old mags

So a lot of old magazines did not sell in the charity shop.  So I went through them to check and a lot were the same size and I started thinking…

Upcycle old mags.jpg

It ends up with some unfinished upcycling sitting there for another day, and I’m cool with that.

Stuffed Get

People buy new stuff and then dump it (rinse and repeat).  A lot of stuff doesn’t ever go away.   A lot of it can be used or repurposed or recycled.  Yet it gets dumped and the land fills with what could have been, and the land fills with what could have been, and the landfills are unseen, and the land fills with what could have been (rinse and repeat).

Stuffed GetStuffed Get 

The proceeds of wants, while haves and little greeds,

Sit closely by the checkout,

While the here’s already and great big needs,

Lay desperately by the without.


Hurry canes

YesnabyI’ve not experienced a hurricane, only I have lived under a tin roof through some very serious strong winds in Orkney.  I’ve heard the wind pulling at it and the rain smashing down on the tin roof sounding like canes; and although the walls were 4 foot thick and made of stone, at times my nerves was paper thin.  So yes, I really do feel for those that live through such times.  When the elements dance with hobnail boots on manmade things and slash through our creations as if nettle bashing.  Where our nerves have no choice, but to feel paper thin!

Hurry Canes (Haiku)

You mean me no harm,

Yet beat the crap out of stuff,

Hurry canes please pass!



question markMaybe I’m a poet


You know the type of moment,

The one that says “I see”,

It’s the time you get it in your head,

question mark..Of what your niche might be.


I’ve had one of those moments,

Looking at a piece of art,

question mark.,Inspired to write a poem,

From imagination and the heart.




Maybe a poet