Trying it on

I’m already happily wrapped in a sort of pink, but sometimes I try on practicality, handsomely made, comfort and/or a sort of eclectic happy style.

Me trying on clothes

Trying it on

I think I know perhaps who I am,

I think I know my eclectic, happy style,

but in reality I know and see,

I’m my best with just a smile.



Un~usefulness exit stage right

Recently I”ve been pondering my variety of clothes and their uses and the not so useful.  I’ve volunteered in a charity shop for years now, and can see that women’s clothes and shoes are so restricting, some I would actually label down right dangerous (and have modelled one such stupid pair at a fashion show, taking them off to rub my feet and pull a face on stage just before exiting stage right).
Basically, due to who I am and what I do and want to do, I’ve come to the conclusion to always wear sensible shoes, jeans and full arm tops, apart from when at a hafla and then change into “The sky ‘s the limit femininity”.

Theatre stage


“Uni” sex as what goes on in student digs between consenting adults, is none of my damn business.

Actually I’ve been thinking more along the lines of this unisex definition: Something that can be used by either male or female or other and it looks like a good idea, right?  To have things that can be used for all persons, not just socks, tee shirts, jeans, kilts…  Surely more unisex clothes would be practical right?  Making things that anyone could wear and perhaps with some unisex shoes too?  Oh wait, does it sound a bit like uniformity?  Does it sound like clobber worn during China’s communist revolution’s like a freakin’ national uniform?  {{{shudder}}}  That’s not for me! No way! (and I hope this is the last post with China’s revolution tainting it!)

TeeOh and sod that mentality of “one size fits all”, as trust me, it doesn’t!  We’re all different shapes and sizes, we’re all unique and there’s no one like you!  So, as far as wearing what everyone else is wearing “No F***ing Way!”  I’ll wear what I damn well want to full of colours, pretty or practical or with a bit of both or plain on occasion; and I like the thought that you and anyone else can wear whatever they want; be it with colours, pretty or practical or with a bit of both or plain.  I wonder if this is the freedom of the future, I do hope it is, don’t you?

In the mean~time, my wish is that sweetheart you feel free to wear what you want.  If you happen to live in a place that other people would make it really difficult for you, then maybe you could wear what you like in private.  If you feel you really cannot even do that in safety, then please try to remember your mind is still free to imagine and enjoy your unique happy woohoo! thinking, unless your thinking is hurtful about yourself or others and then my advice is to change your mind to help change the world.

May the universe bless us all with peace and joyous freedom! far more than just our thoughts!


Allegory or request?

‘Women hold up half the sky’ ~ Mao / Blood splattered red book


First impression could read this quote as part beautiful, unrealistic, romantic allegory or a horrible request to the already overworked woman.

As if women didn’t have enough to do, that someone in power would say that as an ideal women, one who holds up half of the very sky above them.  Only was it not a clever ploy at the time to say “Women…” when actually addressing teenagers (who you have admit, love having more time on their hands).  To inciting these young people to use their youthful energies into proving their equality by obeying a call to rebel (plenty of teens love to rebel).  You see, we could presume all sorts of things on reading this and more literature from around that horrific time (unless you actually do want to sleep at night).  We could conclude that many beautiful words were used for propaganda, to make women work harder than ever and/or to incite the younger ones without responsibilities to become as ruthless as men are regularly portrayed (when actually, real men are not killers, this is not the natural state of being for anyone in a peaceful, natural, healthy state of mind). 

At the time that the saying was written, the requests to rebellion was demanded to be followed, and for all citizens of China to hunt down and kill anyone against the Mao ideologies.  That now it all seems to say:  Be dull (‘Do not read too many books’ ~ Mao) and do dull blood thirsty things (an estimated 60 million Chinese were either executed or starved to death during the entire reign of Mao Tse Tung).  Therefore, in the light of this day, it sounds not at all romantic, but man~ipulative” and not at all an ideology of peace, of love and of equality within humanity.

Question everything and see if it is really for freedom, equality and friendship!

The 3 Ps

VoletIn France those shutters you see everywhere are called volets.  Sort of pronounced: “voolay”.  They’re traditional components on all French homes, made in all sorts of materials and designs.  The opening in the morning and closing at evening time is custom and sensible, as it’s all a matter of the Ps for why:

  • Preserves the temperature inside the house
  • Protects the house from the elements and intruders
  • Privacy from the world outside



Be practical, triskadekaphobia (the fear of Fridays of the 13th variety) is in my not so humble opinion: an irrational fear.  Bless you, but you have a life to be getting on with.  It’s just a day like no other, honest.

13thCall today “Friday 12a” or the “12th + one” if you like or “The prelude of 14th”.

Just enjoy this day as like it is: the most wonderful gift of life, because you’re in it and nature is bursting forth all around.

Blinkin ek, I can’t even be bothered to attempt to pronounce triskadekaphobia.  I mean it just seem such a waste of time, 24 hours of time to be precise.

I know, be Italian for today, as Friday the 17th (and not the 13th) is considered a day of bad luck.  There, sorted, right?