Some people can read where they are, from where they were (naturally orientated folks).  Heads up:  Others use a map and some people need to learn the latter if they want to be out in a strange part of the countryside safely.  Honestly, some places look all the same for flippin’ miles!  Where have the hedges gone people?  Moss on the north side of a tree?  Wind blows the trees from the west and the trees grow towards the South~West…



Passing this way

Many people say the expression:

We pass this way only once


World earthand so when I read of someone being distracted whilst driving, ploughing into a group of people helping a dog in the road, killing one of them, I saw it in my mind:  She passed once from this mortal life of being human, helping another sentient being (bless ‘er) and she can no longer suffer.  Other poor souls might torture themselves with imagined details of that moment over and over.  Learn from the information, the message is clear:Listeners

  1. If the phone rings
  2. Turn off the road
  3. Park
  4. Only then answer the phone

I remember when phones were not mobile and how we managed quite adequately.
Peace for this day, don’t waste it reliving another moment, for each moment is unique, passes and we travel this blessed path only once.

Gypsy folk

choiceMy life has and is blessed by knowing folks from the gypsy and traveller community, just as it has been blessed by those associated with other communities.

We are not separate from each other due to labels given us or ones we give ourselves.  We are parts of the same.

The possibility to do good and other possibilities are in us all.  It is a beautiful and sometimes courageous thing to build on the good under fire and encourage others in the direction of peace.

My mind can hear that loud cry  “Any i’er, any i’er, any rag bone?” “Any i’er, any i’er, any rag bone?” from one of the kindest, most thoughtful person who helped me out during a very difficult time.  I also recall many other gypsy folks with things to help in their bags, things to bless in their pockets and the fella that sharpened mothers scissors, the knife grinder.  I feel we have to keep the choices open, safe and help each other to be ourselves.

Other’s life as precious as yourn or mine.

Costume arms

I don’t think many people will know about this physical ailment, but here goes.

costume arm

“Costume Arms”That ouch you get in your biceps of a morning, when you’ve gone to sleep after a sewathon, sewing costumes by hand damn near non~stop most of the weekend, to create something sparkles, wow and impressive, working thoroughly so things are safe and can’t pop out, layers cannot come apart and bits won’t fall off during a dance! 

Cycle paths

pathJust pointing out one of many good things in the world, something that has to be paid for out of taxes me thinks.  Something that instead of those at the top spending it wastefully on themselves, but that they actually put the money towards things that benefit others.  Cycle paths that are safe, maintained, well sign posted and put in the right places.

Honest Opinion

It seems that people around here know, that if they ever want an honest opinion (note opinion) about how I perceive clothes to be looking right for the purpose the person wishes for them and taking their shape into account, then they need to go into the Red Cross Charity Shop when I’m doing my bit!
If customers want a “Brown nose” or “Toenails” opinion they best ask elsewhere in another shop, because I think we actually pride ourselves on our HONESTY WHEN ASKED abilities (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply).
Red Cross
Note: Why waste on things that don’t fit the job and it is a kindness and a safe thing to be honest when honesty is what is asked for.

Bexy’s two portion chip recipe:


A saucepan with the base as wide as a dinner plate or more and the height at least 6inches

A big slatted metal spoon


A couple of average size potatoes (smaller than one you would use as a baked spud)

Vegetable oil (not sunflower oil as it doesn’t take to cooking at chip temperature as well)

A pinch of salt to taste


In the saucepan pour in about 2inches of the vegetable oil Turn the heat up under the pan and

keep an eye on the hot oil!  

so as when a cube of bread starts to sizzle when you drop it in, the oil is hot enough to cook the chips (so if the potatoes are not ready yet, move the bloody pan to another ring before it sets itself on fire and panics the hell out of you).

So, while that heats up, take a couple of average size potatoes, rinse and cut off any sprouty bits, but leave the skin on.  Slice into chip shapes (thicker takes longer, but uses less oil and is healthier).   Make sure the chips are not soaking wet, check again that the oil is the right temperature (when another cube of bread starts to sizzle when you drop it in) and you’re ready to put the chips into the hot oil. Stir once with the big slatted metal spoon and maybe again in a few minutes, but once you start to hear them make a high pitch sizzle and/or start to turn golden, then anytime after that you can test to see if they are ready, by picking one out with the slotted spoon, cutting it in half and tasting it.  Enjoy!


I did keep it, it is in the garden.  I enjoy seeing it there and maybe it will not be safely kept there, but it is enjoyed to see there.  Things are to be used up and maybe they will eventually get broken, but oh the joy of keeping things unsafe, yet used up.



Use it!

Not just the everyday stuff, but everything you have.  The only way to keep it, is to use it!  Honestly, that’s the way to keep anything.  You go ahead and use the damn things.  FFS don’t just put it somewhere “safe”.  I’ve seen so much unused stuff gone to waste, it’s sad.  Better to use it, enjoy it, make life awesome… or give it to someone else or to the Red Cross to make other lives awesome.  Life, use it!

Red Cross