Self defining

meWell, some people want a label, crave a label and will do all sorts of crap things to be in a group labelled.  Some people on the other hand will label themselves to be seen as an individual.  I on the other hand think labels are far too restrictive, yet if in a corner however, I will for safety reasons define myself with whatever I need to.

I view myself as NOT such a self defining creature and need no label stuck tight  on me.


Passing this way

Many people say the expression:

We pass this way only once


World earthand so when I read of someone being distracted whilst driving, ploughing into a group of people helping a dog in the road, killing one of them, I saw it in my mind:  She passed once from this mortal life of being human, helping another sentient being (bless ‘er) and she can no longer suffer.  Other poor souls might torture themselves with imagined details of that moment over and over.  Learn from the information, the message is clear:Listeners

  1. If the phone rings
  2. Turn off the road
  3. Park
  4. Only then answer the phone

I remember when phones were not mobile and how we managed quite adequately.
Peace for this day, don’t waste it reliving another moment, for each moment is unique, passes and we travel this blessed path only once.

D is for

D is forI know it sounds bad to “Dump someone”, but sometimes self preservation insists!

Other people’s words are actually nothing to do with us and it’s actually all about them.  It’s their perceptions, what’s going on with them, how they are conducting their life and they might need help with this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it!

If there’s a choice of who to share OUR life with, and if someone gives us the gift of them speaking their mind or in other ways show us into their world towards us and it’s all negative, driving us crazy and making our life a misery, then making a sound choice (based on that track record) means backing off.  Note however:  If there’s a possibility of physically abuse, you will need help to leave safely and to stay safe once you have left.Same thing playingI get the feeling, that to stay in a relationship out of choice with a D track record towards you is to enable them to do the same thing over and over.  They might become more of a [Bexy turned the air blue and went all EXPLETIVES] and they might think it’s okay to be [BEXY made the air turn blue again with EXPLETIVES].

An average life span is not that long and surely living it as an enabler to a [EXPLETIVE] is a pretty crappy existence, right? and So please beloved, don’t waste your time left on this beautiful planet, but have some compassion and kindness unto your sweet self as an Equal with others!

Beloved [EXPLETIVE] be warned, if you know your being [EXPLETIVE] do something about your perceptions, question your thinking, get help, speak gratitude, get a new attitude, because if you piss people off enough, they might piss off and stay that way.


I’ve no formal training as a professional artist, only  a couple of degree modules looking into fine art and public sculpture (ahem, yet I recall getting merit and distinction).  I got good marks for both subjects overall and enjoyed the creativity involved.

The module of fine art looked into the various artists and we studied their work.  Whereas the public sculpture module went into all sorts of aspects including balance and safety of large pieces.  We even got to make a maquette (small mock up) of a sculpture we would make if we had the chance.  If I had been able to make the sculpture, it would have looked a bit like this:

Public Sculpture MaquetteMy maquette was made in a fast drying clay, then painted with nail varnish and placed into a scene made of cardboard.  It represented a huge sculpture that if I could, would have been created for just outside a safe house for street kids, Mexico.  You see I had been reading about how the street kids had been killed right outside the gate of a building in question, by police!

I decided that the sculpture could be made physically strong enough to withstand a car attempting to run down a child or stop bullets.  At least long enough perhaps, for the volunteers to open the gates and get the child into safety.

My thinking about the artistic side, was that not only did it represent the child (painted golden metallic in the middle) but the protective nature of the house and those who volunteered in it.