Costume arms

I don’t think many people will know about this physical ailment, but here goes.

costume arm

“Costume Arms”That ouch you get in your biceps of a morning, when you’ve gone to sleep after a sewathon, sewing costumes by hand damn near non~stop most of the weekend, to create something sparkles, wow and impressive, working thoroughly so things are safe and can’t pop out, layers cannot come apart and bits won’t fall off during a dance! 



This is one of the longest poems I know worth reading:

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll

I think I might just sew one or two stuffed versions of what I think a “Boojum” looks like and maybe a few “Why Knot”s for a couple of grandchildren.  🙂

Upcycled jacket

upcycled jacketI haven’t got a photo of my jacket, but this image I made using cut and paste just about sums up the creation.  It is a lovely upcycled jacket and maybe you will see me walking down the street in it and can say “Hiya” to me.  The creation was made by my lovely sister and I love it.

If you can put a bit of imagination into the clothes you have, you too could upcycle them into something just as amazing and not have to buy something new (which is soooo overrated).

My original jacket started out as an old [Bench] jacket, then my sister added bright knitted panels; and if you see someone else wearing this instead of me, then they will be borrowing it and love it too, so say “Hiya” to them too.  🙂