How are you?

If you ask me this question, most times I am totally willing to tell you, so beware of that.  If you want to be a part of my life, if I want to be a part of yours, then we have to communicate what’s going on in there (Bexy points mentally to her head).  That’s how interpersonal relationships and support structures are made, kept and developed.  Thing is, it takes more than one person to communicate effectively, it takes at least two:

  1. TalkerTalkers


  1. ListenerListeners

Most of all it takes both sides

to swap roles





Way ahead of themKind hearts sometimes worry about what other people think of them and here’s my two penny worth on that:

  1. One reason for a compassionate kind heart to care about the opinions of others, is that they might be recognising it as a desperate expression of an unmet need.  Okay, yes, it might be a need that the compassionate person could meet and to ponder that would be kind.  Only once the options have been pondered and decided on, just remember life goes on.  It’s then good to look forward to meeting or not being the one to meet that persons needs.  Whatever it is, to live in the peace of the here and now.
  2. Another reason a kind heart could care about the opinions of others, is that the other someone could be right.  That their opinion could be an honest perception of us and we could learn from it.  Only their perceptions could also be wrong for us.  So once we ponder for a short while and decide for ourselves, their opinions really aren’t our business any more.

The life of love, kindness and compassion we lead, it isn’t actually other peoples business.  It’s their business to lead their life of love, kindness and compassion too.  So beloveds, advance and don’t look back too much, after all none of us are going in that direction.