Anti-heckle Poem

For some reason, I was attempting to find the soothsayer from Up Pompeii and failed.  In the meantime looking at some YouTube of the series I enjoyed cringing at the odes.  I also recalled Manny, a relative of Frankie Howerd who was a dear friend to my mother, but didn’t actually like me (you cannot win them all).

So, anyways I felt the need to do something Up Pompeii ode~like: Ode to Dancers in the Park

Note:  It’s a poetic attempt at satire from that era.



TellyTelevision can be beneficial in small doses, but some seem to be addicted to it being on for hours and hours and hours of mind numbing, childsitting boredom, watching the same ol’ same ol’ stuff (bit like row row row on the vintage Fisher Price toy telly).

So, how about hiding the remote control or getting someone else to hide it?  If you’re really brave, how about planning to turn the telly off for the whole weekend?  How about playing a board game, cards or doing a puzzle or read a book, cook some cupcakes, plant something, go swimming, paint your toe nails (red is a good colour if you want to hide in cherry trees), learn a poem off by heart or write a letter and go for a walk to post it?