Making truths available in palatable yet effective form isn’t easy and pointing out horrible realities to others, then going about our own path…  well that’s the rub.  Oh how, when others actions/ lack of action has an effect on us and the other sentient beings we share the planet with…  I know, I know, we go along like kids in bumper cars on the fair ground of life and there’s a real art to staying safe within the bumper car, having some fun and yet not coming across as the fairground bully in the process while avoiding those that actually want to be the fairground bully.

BumperPalatable truth

Fair~ground bully wake up call,

Not just you, we’re in it all,

Good luck while the ride still runs,

As kids we still play with guns!



Cycle paths

pathJust pointing out one of many good things in the world, something that has to be paid for out of taxes me thinks.  Something that instead of those at the top spending it wastefully on themselves, but that they actually put the money towards things that benefit others.  Cycle paths that are safe, maintained, well sign posted and put in the right places.

Be incomparable


My advice to anyone, is just don’t compare you life or yourself with others, because let’s face it we really don’t know what their journey was, is or will be.  Our business is to live our life incomparably ourselves.



My head knocks painfully against unseen hardness,

My feet slip in stench and blood,

My finger-tips in troughs of despair and the shores of death I try to tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, tip toe so loud unto silence.

Hellishness and not back I plead for kindness to come “Rescue us all”.

I know all forms of cruel, for I spoke to inhumane and it did not listen.

I want to know the passionate seizure of beauty, yet I am denied everything,

I am for the marvellous creative that reads [Prepacked for your convenience].

My name is Valid and I’m the second most elusive captive in the universe, the first being Truth.


Bexy ~ 2016   (after reading ‘Who am I’ by Carl Sandburg)

Is it?

Three important questions for many things in life are:

Is it trueSo let’s test something out properly shall we:

Does the badger cull make sense in truth?  I don’t see how it does, so in my opinion NO WAY!!  and even though the NFU says it’s necessary to prevent the spread of bTB I cannot see that and so for me it’s NOT NECESSARY IN THE SLIGHTEST! (I see that perturbation could actually make it worse) and is shooting badgers in the chest and abdomen kind?  OMG what the hell do you think?!!  I say “HELL NO!” and the government needs to stop the murder of these innocent creatures now!!!

‘Despite the overwhelming result of a parliamentary debate, findings from an Independent Expert Panel and widespread opposition on scientific, humanitarian and practical grounds, the Government continues with its disastrous policy of badger culling in an attempt to eradicate bovine TB.’  – The League Against Cruel Sports

I say “STOP THE CULL!” and vaccinate!

As for the motivation of some:

bottom line


I wrote this next paragraph as a comment on another person’s blog post, a post that included the words ‘A unique circle of life that was not supposed to happen or was it?’   

If only we accept the truth of being where we are, without dwelling on the thought that it is not where we are “supposed” to be. The universe is our home, we go here, we go there, led or leading, wherever we find ourselves. We live, we die, we become something new or not, but that between the first breath to the last, we are always with us and need to love. If in a crowd or alone, at the break of day and the mid of night, we are with ourselves and to cherish that is a wonderful thing. We don’t notice ourselves so much at the beginning, we look out at who we think we are from the faces and perceptions of others, but then oh joy when we start to be no one and part of everyone.

pplI want to add the patchwork of every nation into my existence and be an Earthling, a Kindling, a Universal Citizen… and accept that I might just ALWAYS be in the place I am “supposed” to be.

And now I am going to add:

p.s. Does this being in the right place always, constitute a great excuse for being late or what?  🙂

Supposed = generally assumed or believed to be the case, but It Ain’t Necessarily So.



Concentrate on a problem to get a {{{headache}}} or better still, we could be kind, become happier by concentrating on the solution to Get it peacefully done!

Note:  If you do feel the need to concentrate on a problem, try questioning if it’s true or try and find an opposite that could be truer e.g.

Problem:  Someone let me down when I trusted them

Solution:  I don’t need to be associated with that someone

An opposite:  I let me down trusting them

Solution:  I need to trust me (trusting what I know, so if I know someone’s traits, I could prevent stuff by remembering them as they are and by just not expecting them to be something they’re not).