Aged Stone

There’s so much knowledge we have access to, with so many things to explore with our minds.  We know about such things as the winter solstice and the cycles of the planet and now know why stone age humans picked the location to build Stonehenge.  Apparently it’s located slap bang at the end of a natural phenomenon of deep ridges carved out of the bedrock, caused by glaciers, pointing straight towards the winter solstice sunset.  It must have got heads scratching and wonder.

We’re no longer from the stone age, we have expanded our species and our knowledge.  We need to stop taking from the planet without return.  We need compassion, peace and the combination of technology and planet~sense if humanity has a chance in the future.  Meat has to come off of the menu for so many reasons.  I might stand in the centre of Gors Fawr aged stone at some time during this 2017 winter’s solstice and make a few compassionate wishes for humanity.

Gors Fawr


Welsh Badger Cull 2017

Here’s a letter from the Welsh Assembly Government,  with the basic important information highlighted, posted on the Badger-Trust-Cymru’s Facebook page:

letter from WAGReference:

    Freedom of Information Badger  FREEDOM OF INFORMATION!

Jamie Bowman


Here’s a map I found online of bTB outbreaks UK.


We have two grandchildren staying with us for the rest of the month and anything and everything possible to go to for free or cheap (art/museum/craft/swimming…) we’ll be going to it.  There really is an amazing amount of things put on for free.

Thank you to anyone who has put things on for free for children

over the summer holidays. xxx

Solstice 2017

“Normal” isn’t mine and whoever owns it can keep the ugly thing well away from Bexy, and actually they can stuff it where the sun don’t shine!  Bexy just doesn’t even like doing things that others say is how it “Should be done…” and makes up her own ideas and traditions to follow or not…  Letting the day and each moment flow with kindness, the energy available and a bit o’ whatever.

Dreaming stone Gors Fawr

The Dreaming Stone, Gors Fawr

Anyways, this year I walked once around the stone circle of Gors Fawr during the day of the solstice, high fived my son who had walked the other clockwise way, walked over and sat on the dreaming stone whilst he made a wish.  I wondered if the person putting up the tent needed to know about the adders and pondered if there would be rubbish left.  I hoped the sun didn’t make people poorly, especially the kids.  We then got in the car, drove a short distance just so I could leave a few sweetpea flowers on what I call the “Laying down stone” which is laying flat and large enough to lay on (hence name).  This is situated in another field away from the stone circle.  Anyways, sheep soon trundled off as I put my fresh flowers on its little front ledge and thankfully noticed that none had left their underwear this time for the poor creatures to choke on!

Wales in French


Today is the present day of making political choices.  Just a [ X ] between this or that.  I am voting with what I know now, based on a few thoughts formulated on what I perceive from ideas of a past and  not what I will know later (this is a fact for all of us).

Past   [Present]   Future


Caffi Iechyd Da

If you go to Carmarthen, Caffi Iechyd Da is the cafe to pop into, trust me I’ve done the reconnaissance.  And what had Caffi Iechyd Da got in my order of my priority yesterday:

  1. Clean hands
  2. Good veggie food
  3. Accurate till work
  4. Swift polite service 🙂
  5. Morals
  6. Character

So, let me tell you all about my recce.  I wanted to test out two cafes I hadn’t yet been in, in Carmarthen.  I’m typing it up in reverse order, with Caffi Iechyd Da typed up first as it was a grand quick visit and I want to share the pleasant experience.  The other cafe I first went in before, well that will be a totally separate blog and should appear directly after this one.

So, let’s start with Caffi Iechyd Da, a pleasant memory in the middle of yesterday, of being out, not having to drive into Carmarthen myself and a real treat to be with my lovely grown up kids.  Situated down a busy alley called Jacksons Lane, Carmarthen, I walked in and there was happy looking customers (always a good sign) and it was homely and full of character.  I was greeted straight away politely, I looked at the board and ordered soup to take away.  The friendly waitress asked what bread I would like with it, naming all sorts and I said “surprise me” and “vegan”…  after only a few minutes I had paid and got the right change and left with the goodies.  Oh and even though it had only took a few minutes to arrive (I timed it on my phone) yet the sweet waitress apologised for the delay, explaining that they don’t use a microwaves, but cook the soup over a hob [excellent choice me thinks].  It arrived in a really hot tall starch cup (ethical), wrapped in a serviette so as not to burn my hand (thoughtful).  I had to catch up with my lovelies, so didn’t try it straight away until sat in the car.  It was yummy, thick veggie soup, with chunks of root veg in for texture.  Served with wedges of wholesome yet not too dense bread with a little soil association organic standard logo on it, with marg on, in a brown paper bag.  Happy me, very happy me. 🙂  I will be coming to see you again.   Thank you Caffi Iechyd Da  heart  (I know I’ve lived here for many years now, but I’m not fluent at Welsh, so I am guessing now that “Iechyd Da” means good health in Welsh, perhaps?  We can all guess “Caffi”  🙂

flowers in chalk

Bees on a sunflower

Well my lovelies, you have until February 24th 2015 to catch the exhibition of paintings from Helen Absalom in the Stables Courtyard Gallery, National Botanical Garden, Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire Wales SA32 8HN  and today their website says they’re currently open every day:  October -> March

petals10.00am –> 4.30pm

Anyways, I think you could enjoy the paintings of bees, two are “Rainbow Bees” which symbolise hope for the future of bees and their environment, the one I like most is bees on a sunflower, but so as not to spoil it for you, I only give you some petals to be going on with.

Current entrance fee:  Adults £8.50  OAPS £7.00  Children (5-16) £4.50  Under 5s Free!!  Family (2 Adults & up to 4 children) £21.00